Leading Off (10/9/12)

Morning News Channels the Onion. It’s not Jacquielynn Floyd’s fault. And I don’t know how the printed version reads. But her column online this morning, about the kid who shot his mother and sister to death, is titled “Parker County Teen Learned Too Late That Killing Is Ugly, Permanent” (paywall). Come on, people. You’re working in a major market. Act like it.

Dallas City Council Set To Approve Bicycle-Passing Ordinance. The vote will happen tomorrow. The proposed ordinance would require the operator of a motor vehicle to: “1) vacate the lane occupied by a vulnerable road user when passing, and reenter the lane occupied by the vulnerable road user only after passing at a safe distance; 2) not turn right in front of a vulnerable road user unless safely clear of the vulnerable road user; and 3) not throw items at a vulnerable road user.” If No. 3 is really necessary, then we need to add: 4) not stick a broom handle into the spokes of tires of vulnerable road user; and 5) not use a long-range acoustic device to focus a bowel-loosening loud noise at vulnerable road user. Come on, people. Just give cyclists some space. Let’s behave like we live in a real city.

Dognappers Caught on Camera. Nine dogs were stolen from Petland stores in Frisco and Plano. The perps were videotaped. Come on, people. The city shelter has plenty of puppies in need of adoption. There’s no need to steal.


  • Brandon

    I’m tired of this stupid nanny-state we live in! We can’t throw things at bikers!?!? I fear a world run by people who have never had something thrown at them while riding a bike…

  • Avid Reader

    I will only not throw items at vulnerable road users anymore if they will follow the traffic laws and can get their vulnerable road vehicles up to 30mph in a reasonable time.

  • If vulnerable road users can use roads built for my invulnerable car, can I take my car on the kazillion miles of bile trails built specifically for the vulnerable road users?

  • Bicyclists should have to follow general traffic rules if they are to benefit from these special provisions. No riding alongside and between cars parked at red lights; stop at stop signs, no running red lights, etc.

  • SPCAPetPop

    I would like to think the dognappers are liberators vs. thieves! (Probably not, I know…)

  • Kyle

    6) not thoughtlessly test Mace/pepper spray dispenser out window down-windstream when passing vulnerable road user

  • Stacy L.

    I’ll give cyclists space with my car when they quit nearly mowing down me down (I’m a runner) in crosswalks by running red lights and stop signs.

  • Paul

    Everyone on the road, motorist or cyclist, should use common sense and be courteous. That being said, I don’t think that a Dallas city ordinance can legally impose additional duties on motorists beyond the “rules of the road” enacted by the Legislature and found in the Texas Transportation Code.

  • Vseslav Botkin

    @SkyMasterson I’m pretty sure bicyclist are subject to the rules of the road. Like car drivers, they don’t always follow them. Either way, requiring motor vehicles to navigate safely around bicycle riders is not so much a “special provision” as it is a bit of long-overdue common sense. Sadly, some drivers honestly believe bicycles shouldn’t be on the road and it’s their right to bully them off it.

  • Eastside

    @SkyMasterson-bicyclists do have to follow the same rules as a car, but many don’t. On Saturday, I saw a Dallas cop give 2 bikers tickets for not stopping at a stop sign. Finally. I’ve have never seen that before. I don’t mind sharing the road as long as bicyclists follow the rules of the road and please don’t ride in the middle of a street.

  • CraigT

    If I was driving my car down a one lane road and for some reason I could not get it up to the speed limit I would pull over and let the line of cars behind me pass me. Simple courtesy of the road. never seen a cyclist do the same.