Leading Off (10/10/12)

West Nile Numbers Released. It’s estimated about 80,000 residents in North Texas were infected with the West Nile virus. Though we had it bad in Dallas County, Tarrant County is thought to have had the larger outbreak–three times larger than the county reported.

Shooting in Restaurant and Burning Car Connected. Earlier in the afternoon, a man went into a Hunan Wok in North Richland Hills and shot two people, killing one. Later, a car was found burning near Benbrook Lake. There was a man inside. The car matched the suspect’s vehicle’s description. This is North Richland Hill’s first homicide of the year.

This Is News? Tracy Thomas, mother of third-grader Adarian Thomas, is upset. Her child has to redo his assignment. He was told to write about a “myth, legend, or folklore.” He chose Muhammad Ali because he’s a legend. The teacher sent the assignment home and said he had to redo it because he was supposed to write about a mythical legend. But, if you watch the video or scroll down far enough in the article, I guess you get to the part of why this particular story is news. “I really don’t think she liked who he wrote about,” Thomas told NBC 5. “”It was just in the tone of her voice.” It should be noted that several other students didn’t understand the assignment and also had to redo their work. It has not been reported what each of those students wrote about.


  • mike

    As a third grader wouldn’t it really be unimportant if the student misunderstood the intended subject matter? I’m not familiar with the third grade curriculum but isn’t the underlying point to get the student to research and write?

  • Marian

    Context, people context! Myth and folklore are the other options. How does legend fit with those two words? This has been a common third grade assignment for years! It’s to teach about the difference between fact and fiction and learn about oral history. This would have been a great opportunity for Adarian to have learned about this legendary figure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Henry_(folklore)

  • mike

    Hmmm….OK, I buy Marian’s answer. How about that, for the first time in internet history I’ve learned something and changed my mind in the comments section of a blog post. Usually this is where we would immediately jump to name calling.