Leadging Off (10/25/12)

Trophy Club High School Student Hospitalized After Eating LSD-Laced Brownies. Two things surprise me about this story. First, I didn’t think LSD was still a thing. I thought kids had moved on to bath salts or whatever. Second, Trophy Club has a high school named after Byron Nelson. Surely the folks over at Stuff White People Like are already working on an entry for that one.

Homeless Man Pulls Attacker Off Dallas Cop. We got into a big discussion yesterday about homelessness and homeless people. Well, here’s a story to turn that discussion in another direction. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video of a homeless former Crip gang leader pulling a drug-crazed attacker off a cop and body-slamming him to the ground. City officials are giving propers (paywall) to the good Samaritan, Charles Alexander.

Big Tex Will Not Get an Extreme Makeover. This (paywall) is going to disappoint Zac. Sue Gooding, a fair spokeswoman, says: “We have no plans to do a drastic makeover of Big Tex. Big Tex is not going to be monstrous or freakish when we finish. It will be very respectful of the icon that we’ve had from the very beginning.” He might grow a little taller. His head and mouth might move more smoothly. But he will not morph into Corny the Kid, as Zac had hoped, and neither will he be replaced by Big Cesar Chavez, as I had hoped.

Dick Cheney Will Be in Town Today. See you at the big Mitt Romney fundraiser, Glenn?


  • Glenn Hunter

    Tim, we are talking about a chance to see Mark Chesnutt here.

  • towski

    Glenn’s too busy combing the hannity forums and little green footballs for Obama gotcha pieces.