Former Maverick D.J. Mbenga Arrested For Public Intox, Pushing A Police

You like that? I’m totally trying to talk like I’m on The Wire. Anyway. Here’s what went down at the Buzzbrews on Fitzhugh:

Mbenga was trying to leave the restaurant just as a pair of Dallas police officers were walking in. The 7-1 center put his palm on the chest of one of the cops and said, “You move out of my way.” The officer stopped and responded, “You don’t touch police, let alone make that statement.” To which Mbenga – in hindsight, perhaps inadvisedly – responded: “You want to go? I do what I want, so you move out of the way!” As the officers escorted Mbenga out of the restaurant, he continued to argue with them. The officers smelled alcohol on his breath and noted his “unsteady balance” and bloodshot eyes. They said he failed three of six field sobriety tests. The 31-year-old was handcuffed and taken to the Dallas County jail.

Mugshot here.


  • Bubbles

    Thanks for referencing THE WIRE. Of course, had this scene played out in Baltimore, Detective Jimmy McNulty would have been at the bar urging D.J. Mbenga to give hell to those cops.

  • That’s natural po-lice, right there.

  • Senor

    It’s illegal to be drunk in a bar? Interesting.

    • @Senor: I don’t believe Buzzbrews serves alcohol, but I’m sure I’m wrong.

  • Albert

    “It’s illegal to be drunk in a bar? Interesting.”

    Public intoxication, it’s illegal anywhere but home

  • Kk

    Buzz brews definitely serves alcohol.

  • Nik

    @KK not the one on fitzhugh

  • Senor

    Oh, it’s a coffee/breakfast place! Sorry, the name threw me off. I get it now. They should change the name of the place though, unless they want more DJ Moose Mbengas coming in there being drunk and stuff.

  • That is a solid mugshot.

  • DGirl

    What a dumbass. “I do what I want.” Really? I hope he chokes on his taco and poops in his pants.

  • Long Memory

    Whatever. At least DJ finally showed a willingness to get physical with somebody. Anybody. Unfortunately they were wearing uniforms he should have recognized.