• MCC

    D Magazine’s 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in Dallas 2012

  • RoundMound

    JC Penney unveils its latest store-within-a-store concept: The Black Knight’s “‘Tis but a scratch” line of apparel.

  • Golfnfashion

    We’ve fallen and we can’t get up.

  • bigjondaniel

    The actors auditioning for the roll of Zac Crain in the upcoming “VH1 – Behind the scenes – D Magazine ” prepare by reading a Zac Crain blog post, and falling asleep…

    • @bigjondaniel: Obviously, since you are a working comedian, you’re aware of the various open-mic nights at comedy clubs around town, but just in case you are not, I’m working on compiling a list. Don’t deprive the world of your out-there take on modern life, Jon.

  • bill holston

    Dmagazine, where all the best action is from the waist up.

  • Stacy L.

    Big Tex’s dirty little secret.

  • D

    Memo to Office: Beginning today we will discontinue the lunch Blue White Scrimmage due to horrific injuries.

  • bigjondaniel

    @Zaccrain I only have about 5-6 minutes of good material, but I’m working on more. I’ve been listening to Marc Maron’s podcast for inspiration. I remain your humble servant…

  • A guy on Twitter called @RedDirtKings offered: “A spin-off of Dallas’ Cherry Pit?”

  • @Stacy L.: THAT is good work. We’ll give it a bit more time, but I’m already rubbing my hands together to warm them up for your high-five.

  • Long Memory

    Not everyone is a dummy at D. But there are some, actually.

  • Spartacus

    A visitor to D Magazine’s office on Friday afternoon searches in vain for anyone with a pulse.

  • John M

    “And here we have demonstrated the great diversity of the D Magazine readers”

  • The Kid

    Dallas Chapter of Heaven’s Gate located at 750 N. St. Paul, Suite 2100.

  • JS

    John Wiley Price’s Revenge
    Craig James’ SMU Burial Ground Located
    A picture from the auditions for the supporting role in Two and a Half men

  • Edgar

    After reviewing the signature on the delivery confirmation, Mr. Allison ascertained that all eight missing sections had been packed into the trunk of a vehicle belonging to Mr. Crain.

  • Stump’s Agent

    CPR training day at D.

  • Matt O

    “How many people do you think will trip over the one in the front? This is what we do when we are bored.”

  • Darren

    Texas’ massive voter fraud uncovered!

  • Darren

    But then again, dummies in Texas have been voting for years…

  • ket

    Of course the Giraffe won, they don’t have any hands!

  • towski

    D Magazine’s Special Best CPR Dummies in Dallas issue.

  • Decoys for the next time CultureMap wants to hire more employees…

  • bigjondaniel

    The class for SMU frat boys on how to have sex with passed out KKG’s hadn’t started yet

  • matt

    Sales girl D-cathlon, make-out endurance event

  • Joy

    Tim Rogers had clearly ordered the wrong kind of blow-up doll.

  • The Guy

    Coming this fall from Random House…..”Lamaze for Dummies!”

  • Amy S

    Sorry, bill holston has my vote.

  • For obvious reasons, I’m partial to ket’s. Darren’s too. So many great ones.

  • mynameisbill

    The white dummies I get. What I wish to know is where did the black female walking by come from?

  • Smito

    Romney loses 8 voters.