Ritz Carlton Penthouse for Sale: $14 million, Ctd.

I met Gabe Kaplan once. Dude has some janky facial hair.
I met Gabe Kaplan once. Dude has some janky facial hair.

I was doing a little poking around in public records to find out who might be selling that penthouse. Here is a list of owners of the top floors of the Ritz: Randall Van Wolfswinkel, Trevor Rees-Jones, and a trust for Gabriel Kaplan. The first two are known quantities. RVW is a home-building magnate. TRJ is a oil and gas guy. But that third fellow? Does Mr. Kotter really own one of the top-floor condos at the Ritz? He just might. The guy does spend some time in Dallas. Given his TV residuals and his poker skills, I’m guessing he could afford it.


  • gm

    RVW also has a gorgeous home he built in the last year or so on Lakeside in HP and is looking to purchase property in Montecito/Santa Barbara, as well.

    Mr. Kotter can be spotted at the Ritz and spends a lot of time in DFW.

  • Alan Peppard had the scoop last year (paywall): http://www.dallasnews.com/entertainment/columnists/alan-peppard/20110217-gabe-kaplan-gets-a-penthouse-view-of-dallas-.ece No question it’s him. This makes me want to spend a lot of time at the Rattlesnake Bar, hoping to bump into him.

  • John M

    Headington Reality & Capital owns them, check DCAD. I think it is more than safe to assume that it is Tim Headington.

  • Chris

    I think it’s interesting that just a few months ago, the google map sat image has nothing on those balconies.