Museum Tower in the Wall Street Journal

An alert FBvian points us to this story in the WSJ about luxury high-rise condos around the country. The relevant graph:

Still, it’s difficult to anticipate every consequence of building up. Dallas’s Museum Tower recently came under criticism when a neighboring building, the Nasher Sculpture Center, complained that the building’s glass facade cast a glare harsh enough to ruin some of its artwork and plants. “We are sad we have an issue with that, without a doubt,” says Greg Greene, the co-developer. A local civic leader has been enlisted to mediate between the two parties to come up with a solution. Developers from Museum Tower say one response they’ve come up with is to pay to recalibrate 200,000 rooftop cones on the art gallery, which point at their building, absorbing sunlight. In a statement, a spokesperson for the Nasher said “we believe a system of louvers or external shading for Museum Tower offers the most promise.”

In fact, I have heard that Museum Tower offered the Nasher $2 million to reorient the oculi. Just a rumor, I stress. But “reorient,” in this case, would mean “totally wreck.” It’s what Renzo Piano said he would not do. Hard to see that happening.


  • AK

    And reorienting the oculi wouldn’t help the garden heating situation at all.

  • RAB

    In response to the Museum Tower’s offer, former Presidential candidate and volunteer spokesman for the Nasher, Governor Rick Perry motioned at his crotch with inverted thumbs and said, “Reorient this, Mofos!” Special Envoy Chuck Norris held Governor Perry’s chard and scowled menacingly.

  • Wm B Travis

    Chuck Norris puts the laughter in manslaughter.

    What exactly is the headpiece of the Staff of Ra?