Leading Off (8/6/12)

Texas Gets More Than It Gives To Federal Gov-ment: Texans used to pride themselves on getting fleeced by Washington (sending a dollar in taxes to DC for every ninety cents it received in return), but for nearly a decade the trend has reversed (pay wall). Why? Spending on entitlements and defense is up, while state spending on social programs is down. Significantly, the number of Texans living in poverty has increased by one-third in a decade, up to 18 percent of the total population in 2010. Go Texas miracle!

TCU Quarterback Casey Pachall Is Sorry For Smoking Weed: Sometimes I wish athletes like Casey Pachall would just throw up their hands and say, “Seriously guys, what did you expect?” Instead, they issue half-hearted apologies to appease our feigned morality.

Congressman Pete Sessions Quietly Marries Former Florida Congressional Candidate Karen Diebel, Ctd.: Some tidbits to piggy back on Jeanne Prejean’s post: Diebel once accused a political opponent of tossing a snake in her pool. The congressman from Dallas divorced his wife of 27 years last summer, after he had been seen palling around with Diebel. Significantly, Diebel is not a man.

Woman Dies In Car Crash, Unborn Baby Saved: A 15-year-old boy was driving a car that flipped in Dallas, killing his mother. The driver, his five-year-old brother, and another woman survived, as did, remarkably, the woman’s unborn baby, who is now in intensive care.

Church Minister Chuck Adair’s Life Is Complicated. Adair was a married minister at Skillman Church of Christ. Then he had a relationship with a 13-year-old girl. It wasn’t sexual, but by the time she was 15, it sure was. A private eye was hired, the couple fled to Las Vegas, but the cops caught up. Adair landed in jail with a 10-year sentence, but that didn’t stop him and his child-lover from marrying in jail, in 1998, three days after her 18th birthday. Two years later, the girl filed for divorce. In 2005, Adair was paroled, and 18 months after that, he was back at Skillman Church of Christ and married to another congregation member. But listen, it’s complicated, Adair says, and he promises not to go on any youth group trips. But church Easter eggs hunts? That’s cool.


  • Hannibal Lecter

    You missed the real reason why Texas now receives more money from the feds, though that would be easy to do since it was glossed over in that rather slanted article. Fully one-third of federal spending now comes from borrowed money instead of taxes. So of course Washington is tossing out a lot more than it’s getting from tax revenues.

    If you include the liability for the accrued debt than we’re as much in the hole as ever.

  • Long Memory

    about Chuck Adair, or more specifically Skillman Church of Christ: This ain’t you father’s Church of Christ. Those folks sound downright liberal. And compassionate. As a former Church of Christer I hardly know what to think.

  • jackie dale pinson

    common not complicated.

  • Robin

    Wasn’t sexual before 15, hmmmm…. and she wasn’t the 1st teen that he had sex with or was inappropriate with. There is a clear pattern here. He is a master at playing the righteous and caring minister, but at the same time doing unimaginable and criminal things. Can he be forgiven and covered by God’s Grace? Absolutely! Should he be welcomed into church? Yes! Should he be on staff as a minister, again? NO! He certainly shouldn’t be trusted to set his own boundaries! That’s outrageous! But then, what the harm in “a couple of indiscretions” as they called it in the Dallas News article?

  • Lakewood Heights Mom

    Thank you for your post about Adair and SCOC. It’s really sad that that beautiful and newly renovated church has lowered itself to this level. From what I understand, their attendance is so low that they don’t even use the sanctuary for worship services. In my opinion, every pastor and anyone in leadership should be “let go”.

  • Rick Rauch

    What bothers me is he never admitted to being a sex offender. And he calls it an extra-marital affair. It was rape,she was under 17, not an affair. He raped her, fact. He has not accepted full responsibility for his actions and the damages that it has caused. He also has been married 3 times which makes me question his morals, ethics and beliefs. He is placing himself back in the exact place where he committed his crimes…in a position of authority of a church. That is a dangerous situation as to temptation will always be there before him. I truly believe people can change and use their past mistakes to help others, but putting himself back in an authoritative position in a church might not be the best thing for him to do. I truly believe he should be allowed to attend church as a member, because true Churches are to accept anyone regardless of past. But to be a pastor again, I think he needs to first prove himself and give it a few years of accountability before being in authority again at church.