Leading Off (8/22/12)

Sanders Talks About Football Season Being Only Four Games Long. Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep Academy has faced scrutiny since day one. On Friday, the District 11 3A voted to not play football against the school. The district says Prime Prep doesn’t have enough varsity players. One student said that kids are teasing him for this shortened season. In the most uncreative taunt ever, the kids are saying, “four games, four games.” Watch how Sanders defends his academy. He’s got some quotes that could give those taunters a run for their money.

More Details Emerge on Woman’s 911 Call. As details emerge, this situation that Tim wrote about yesterday is not looking any better. Those who heard the 11-minute 911 call say they can hear Deanna Cook dying. But officers took their time in responding (answering an unrelated burglar alarm first) and then turned away when no one answered the door. Also, when the family tried to enter the house and no one answered, they again called 911. They were told that since no one answered the door during the last time cops were sent out, they’d have to call all the hospitals and jails in the area first to look for Cook. The family decided to break in. That’s when they found Cook dead. The call center operator defended her work to the Morning News.

Investigation of Death of White Buffalo Closed. In a strange turn of events, the investigation into the death of the sacred white buffalo, Lightning Medicine Cloud, has been closed. The sheriff said that the buffalo was buried for three days and that it had actually been dead for six days before the department got a call. It was concluded that the buffalo (whose owner, Arby Little Soldier, said had been skinned) died of a bacterial disease called black leg. The case can be reopened if new information becomes available.

Volunteers Paint Trees to Deter Beavers. It took 20 volunteers two hours and $700 to paint a sand mixture on 40 trees to try to keep beavers from gnawing on the wood. A family of just four to six beavers is wreaking havoc on the trees in the area east of White Rock Lake. Too bad we can’t do beaver spraying.


  • dennis

    Must be some smelly havoc

  • Darn homophones.

  • Krista, did you originally write “beavers reeking havoc”? Amazing.

  • Excellent “LEADING OFF” today. I suppose I’m out of the loop on this, but I don’t understand what Seion is trying to say when he says the season is only 4 games long. I suppose, like everythhing else he says, it’s some sort of a sham.
    This note to police and fire respondrs: If I call in a 911 call, and i don’t answer the door, please break the door down with my permission as there was a reason I called you to begin with. I seem to be having some trouble editing my post and I do indeed see I misspelled “responders” but for the life of me can not get this curser to go to the appropriate word to correct it. Sorry. Oooopps also see a little “i” in there. Please forgive me.

    Predicted comments: 10

  • ket

    ” Too bad we can’t do beaver spraying.”

    I think that should b a personal choice.

  • Tish

    @ket – Guaranteed funniest thing I’ll read all day.

  • Sybil’s Beaver

    why the attack on beavers? Don’t spray me bro. We are harmless and anyhow, if we dont take out your trees, some land developement company eventually will.

    As for the 911 call, DPD can talk its way out of a lot of things. but there isnt one thing about this story that seems like they did the right thing. We got SWAT kicking down doors with no knock warrants to find less than an ounce of coke, but we cant kick a door down to check on the well being of a womanwho was heard being murdered on the the 911 call?

  • Sybil, I love your name, it just begs me to entrap myself in some legal mumbo jumbo by making an obvious joke or remark. What’s the story on the name? Or, is that approved?

  • Wes Mantooth

    Although normally dismissed out of hand as yet another sophomoric attempt at humor, Tim is finally taken seriously today when he opines that the good of the city would be served if he were to go to White Rock Lake to conduct a beaver hunt.

  • Sybil’s Beaver

    @ Lewp, it started as a bad mean dirty bit on richie whitts old sportatorium blog and it kind of stuck. I created it a few years back when Richie got divorced and I made many comments about a radio/blogging spare and me. It even has a twitter account (@sybilsbeaver) and yes Sybil (richies girlfriend) even follows. Its a much more tame moniker than it used to be. I have to keep it fairly clean here so the mods will let me post.

  • David

    Dam! This is certainly one of the gnawing issues of our times. Leave it to beavers to get this kind of response.

  • Wally

    Gee Dallas, are you gonna beat the beav?

  • JimFB

    @David, I hereby lodge a complaint against this beaver treatment you cite.

  • June

    Ward, I’m very worried about the Beaver.

  • @ David, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh at your post…but shouldn’t it started off with Damn instead of dam? I mean, we are talking beavers here no? It IS a gnawing question…It’s something to sink one’s teeth into. The question not the beaver its self..(ahem).

  • David

    I’ll have to chew on that.

  • ket

    @Tish: Thanks. I wish I could buy a vowel, though.

  • Breaking News:::::::::: Oakland A’s pitcher Barolo Colon suspended 50 games by MLB for PEDS. No wonder the Rangers couldn’t hit him.