Breaking 10 Most Beautiful News: Healthy Housewives May Get a Discovery Channel Show

Shelly Ann Klein, one of this week’s 10 Most Beautiful contestants, reports that a company that works with the Discovery Channel has expressed interest in creating a local reality TV series (along the lines of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) around her gang of eco-friendly, health conscious local ladies, dubbed The Healthy Housewives. You can see Shelly delivering one of her tips for better living in the video above.

That makes two of our 10 Most Beautiful nominees who have a shot at TV stardom.

Even bigger news: we just discovered Klein was in this Aerosmith video when she was 23 years old. Take the jump and look around the 1:40 mark.

I think this deserves a few votes, don’t you? Head to the ballots and give your favorite gal for your vote.

Update: The production company works with the Discovery Channel


  • Chris

    I didn’t know being “healthy” also includes plastic surgery. Good to know!

  • Jim

    Let’s hope the production company can find a microphone somewhere that’s not built-into the iPhone they used for that video.