Question of the Day: Why Does the Chase Tower Have Only One Logo?

The D Magazine building here in St. Paul Place only features one D logo for a good reason: we could only afford one. Well, also, as a matter of practicality, the top of our building is really only visible from one direction. Our logo, at 22 stories, faces northwest, overlooking Klyde Warren Park and Uptown. If you’ve got a taller building, though, and higher stacks of cash, it seems you’d put logos wherever you could. The Comerica tower, for instance, is 60 stories and bears the Comerica logo on all four sides. Which brings me to the question that is currently occupying my mind because I should be writing something for the magazine, which is hard, while wondering about buildings and logos is easy. Why does the Chase tower, at 55 stories, have only one logo? It faces the same direction as ours, northwest. Now, the top of Chase tower has a keyhole in it. Its design won’t really accommodate four logos. But why didn’t Chase install one facing the opposite direction, southeast? It would have been easily visible to everyone driving into the city on 75. (Bonus: video of the one logo being installed in June.)


  • Noah

    Better question: why did they put a logo up there at all? Most people know it as the Chase building, and the giant logo doesn’t fit the building’s aesthetics at all.

  • Joy

    Note: 75 isn’t an interstate; it’s U.S. 75, not I-75.

  • There could be a myriad of reasons:

    1 – Price / Complexity of install: I would suspect they had to remove the glass system to properly attach and secure the sign to the building. They might have had to run proper electricity to the sign. Plus these signs are expensive.

    2 – Loss of view: I am not sure of who occupies that space but they now have less view where the sign is covering. Typically top floors command massive rent due to their view and daylight is important to the happiness of staff.

    3 – Audience Impact: Chase might not think putting a second logo away from the uptown/downtown district would have much brand impact. They also could of taken a look at typical Dallas blimp/helicopter flybys on Monday Night Football and etc. So the investment of install and fabrication of the sign might not of been covered by the number of eyeballs that would see it both locally and nationally.

    4 – Didn’t think about it: Whoops!!

  • Tom

    I-75 is in downtown Atlanta. U.S. 75 is in downtown Dallas.

  • Guest

    How the hell can anyone take this blog seriously if their Dallas “reporters” are so clueless about Dallas that they call Central I-75?

    • @Tom: Mea Culpa. Fixed.

      @Guest: To my mind, Central doesn’t start until it heads north from downtown. South of downtown, it’s still 75. If I’m wrong about that, then you’re right. This blog is a total joke.

  • senorita cindita

    We’ve been told for over a year now that Deloitte will have an “eyebrow level” logo on the Chase building, but nothing has materialized yet…

  • Darren

    Tim, I believe once 75 hits the I-45 exit, the remainder is named Spur 366 to get you to I-35 and Maggie.

  • Marcus

    South of downtown would be I-45, mr blog joke man.

  • Fletch

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I thought 75 became I-45 south of downtown. That’s what it looks like on Google Maps anyway. If so, then that does indeed confirm that Frontburner is a total joke.

  • Hannibal Lecter

    For anyone who cares….

    US-75 extends north from Woodall Rodgers.

    I-45 extends south from I-30.

    The one miles stretch of highway between the two is unsigned, but officially designated I-345.

    Woodall Rodgers is Spur 366.

    When/if Oklahoma finishes upgrading their section to Interstate standards, the I-45 designation will be extended north to Tulsa.

  • Marcus

    Ganging up on Tim is fun, right Adam and Eric?

  • I’m not good with roads, okay? And making ponytails. I get those damn rubber bands all tangled up, and my daughter yells, “Daddy! You’re pulling my hair!” I can’t do it. So someone else has to be in charge. For the ponytail thing, it’s my wife. For roads, I appoint you, Hannibal Lecter.

  • TheKid

    Can’t we just rename it all Cesar Chavez?

  • Helen Lovejoy

    @Tim – please don’t confuse those appointments.

  • Daniel

    Can everyone bring their focus back to what really matters here? That logo looks awful and it never should have been put up. It ruined that building for me.

  • JB

    Chase did an Illumination study and saw that a sign on the S.E. side would focus a reflective Sun death ray directly at Fair Park’s Museums.

  • itsjared

    Nice to see when most of the comments have almost nothing to do with the actual post.

  • Avid Reader

    That logo is terrible looking. That logo alone made me finally make the effort to switch my banking provider.

  • D. Shapiro

    I was staring at that logo next to the keyhole while enjoying a tasty burger on Jake’s patio today. First time I’d ever noticed it. I’m glad it’s there. It gave me something to look at for 3 seconds. Made my day. Everyone should be able to enjoy a logo like that.

  • My2Cents

    Uh dumb question. The folks in south east Dallas don’t have money to deposit at Chase. Come on Tim Rogers, I expect more from you. You know Chase is only for the 1%ers.

  • Wylie H.

    Northwest exposure = visible to people with money and power
    Southeast exposure = visible to low-income neighborhoods with few potential customers

  • LJT

    @ JB – LOL. Good one. I am glad I’m not the only one who thinks it looks terrible and ill placed.

  • Jackson

    Because they learned from their first mistake.