Leading Off (7/31/12)

West Nile Claims Its Fifth in Dallas County. Dallas has six levels on its West Nile alert scale. We’re at level 5. Level 6 would bring aerial spraying. Reading this profile of victim No. 5, an otherwise healthy and active 86-year-old man named Bernard Theilen, it’s not hard to imagine folks clamoring for the planes. Here’s an interesting look at a twentysomething married couple who live near Lovers and the Toll Road and who both have West Nile. Bug repellant, people. Use it.

Angels Do Evil to Rangers. The score was 15-8. Hamilton finally showed some life, but Roy Oswalt served up eight runs in 5 1/3. Remember back in late May or whenever it was that the Rangers were 10 games up on the Angels, and we were all talking about how dominant they were? Oh, boy.

Time To Vote. In case you forgot, the runoff election is today. Here’s where you vote.


  • It doesn’t look like the rangers are going to get any pitching before the deadline either..http://www.lewpblog.com/2012/07/31/and-the-clock-strikes-midnight/

  • Alex

    Or 15-8, but what’s a little transposition amongst friends?

  • Eric Celeste

    Pretty sure it was 15-8. At least that’s what it was EST.

  • @Alex, Eric: Tim’s mess has been cleaned up.

  • Did I type 18-5 or something? My apologies. You need to bear in mind how these Leading Off posts are generally created. Alarm sounds at 7. “Oh, crap, I forgot today is Tuesday. Gotta do Leading Off.” Roll out of bed, find wife’s laptop, stare bleary eyed at screen, trying to find news stories as dog begs to be fed and walked, etc. Not ideal conditions, is what I’m saying.

    In any case. Rangers lost.

  • Tim, let me volunteer to do Leading Off…I have no life and geezers like me are always up by 6:00 AM. I work cheap..it’s a good idea no?

  • Long Memory

    15-8? 18-5? Meh. It was ugly no matter how you looked at it. Luckily, Geovanny Soto is on the way. But about the pitching: There was speculation on TV last night about Oswalt’s back. I watched him pitch and I can see why. It reminded me of the time the Rangers got another guy with a suspect back, although that guy pitched pretty well for the most part. What was that guy’s name? Oh, yeah: Cliff Lee.

  • It looks like Oswalt has an excuse for everything..


    Are these guys starting to sound like another team in town? * cough* Cowboys * cough*

  • Long Memory

    That’s such a laugh, LewP. He already had a balky back, and then he DECIDED to take half the season off so he could go for a Clemens-like deal. Nobody begrudges someone saying they want to spend time with their family, but he didn’t have the guts to actually say it. Turns out all he needed was a “greater fool.” I’d like to take a step back and say that “I’m not bitter.” (But I’d be lying.)

  • Long Memory

    I just got really queasy. We’re trying to shore up the pennant chase, so we get TWO Cubbies? Bartender: Make that a double.