• tb

    I don’t want to make fun of her. The video says it all. But I do hope the attention helps her and her parents realize that she’s a bad singer, who has no business leading the National Anthem at a public event.

  • Sad Texan

    Guess What You lost a reader BECAUSE you posted it and out a child up to ridiculed and hurt by bullies.


  • Incognizant

    It kinda makes you wonder how this child was selected to sing the National Anthem during a nationally-televised event.

    Or the degree to which anyone within the FC Dallas promotional function was paying attention to this issue in the first place.

    What are the chances that a senior FC Dallas insider proposed the prodigious child of a family friend for the assignment?

  • CDD

    Sad Texan, you should blame her parents for that. They’re the real losers in this scenario.

  • Sybils Beaver

    That performance would have made it to TV on the first week of Idol when they show all the bad singers. And its her parents and management companies fault she is getting ridiculed. If you dont want to be subjected to that, dont put yourself in a public place. not to metion the disservice that was done to the anthem itself

  • Justin

    Sad Texan, there is a difference between being legitimate bullying (race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc…) and opening yourself up to ridicule by being spectacularly horrible at something while simultaneously thinking you are exceptionally good at it.

  • Daniel

    Can’t bring myself to make fun of a child, though I’m willing to bet her mother is a true monster among humans. It makes me me pity rather than disdain the child.

    But I can’t help but laugh at the image of a sad Texan turning dolefully toward the sunset, pausing to adjust his absurdly broad-brimmed hat, and striking off on the lonely path that every righteous cowboy must tread. “Bye.”

  • Daniel

    Scratch that, I actually can’t stop laughing at the moniker itself, “Sad Texan.” I think I’ll use it my own self on other comments forums — never forgetting to employ my trademark, melancholy sign-off. Bye.

  • randy

    “The vuvuzelas made me do it” will now be my go-to excuse.

  • exscholar

    Nobody wants to admit he/she laughed while viewing this, but YOU KNOW YOU DID! I sure did.

  • Katie Ann K.

    Ok you people need to stop having so much criticism to Harper and her parents she is amazing its not her falt god planned for this to happen people I love my best friend Harper Gruzins and support her completely with her signing career SO STOP CYBER BULLYING

  • tb

    Thank you SO MUCH for that post @Katie Ann K. Completely wonderful!

  • Brennen

    The girl is an excelent singer for twice her age. All you have to do is google her name to find that out. She had one bad performance and America is trying to burn this ELEVEN year old girl at the stake for it. Says a lot about America. Just check out her performance at ReverbNation’s website.

  • DunwithD

    Guess what…you just lost another subscriber. Here’s a new category for you: D Best Sellouts. Try to guess who wins.

  • Kelly

    Wow! Are you seriously dogging and bashing an 11 year old child? How sad this is. I admire this child for having the guts to follow her dream at 11 years old. How many of you critics have put yourself out there for all to see that you are human? How many of you have never been nervous or out of your comfort zone? In addition, what if this was YOUR child? I can only imagine as a parent how her parents must feel with the attack on their child. Stay true to yourself Harper!!! You are fabulous! You will rise above this!!!!
    To all that thought it necessary bash—–Karma is such a bummer!!!!!