New Reporter’s Father Bankrolled Anti-Dem Sites

Uncle Barky’s reporting that Highland Park High School grad Calvert Collins is headed back to Dallas from Las Vegas to be a night-side reporter at Fox4, starting June 18. Barky also mentions how Collins once got into hot water with journalism-ethics cops, after her father made some political contributions in her name.

What Bark doesn’t mention is that Calvert’s pa is the very wealthy GOP donor Richard H. Collins, as in the Collins family (Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler, et al), whose name is on buildings all over SMU. In 2008, Richard spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on an anti-Hillary website called Stop Her Now. After that he turned his attention to the “radical leftist agenda” of Barack Obama.


  • ahem……more O the same.

  • Frigid Woman

    So glad to see that the Calista Gingrich hairdo is catching on.

  • Punishing the daughter for the sins of her father? What’s the point here, Glenn? Calvert sure looks like she’s ready for primetime in a top 5.

  • Vin

    That’s what O’Commie is when it comes to his dye-in-the-wool roots, a radical leftist.

  • tinkerbell

    Is it just me, or does the Manchurian Candidate come to mind?

  • Damn liberal media.

  • Neal

    Somehow I doubt her dad’s political activities will affect her ability to fairly report on apartment fires and escaped gorillas.

  • 32pennies

    Wow, so now the Conservatives have 74 people in journalism while your leftists # somewheres in the 99% tile

  • marisa

    More conservatives in the media will help provide a better balance in reporting. Wish the media would report the news instead of making the news. If Calvert is in her late 20s she sure does not look it. She might want to rethink her hair and makeup……just saying.