Attention: I Am Leaving D To Join DISD’s Janitorial Staff

Sad day, guys, but this opportunity was just too good to pass up. New Superintendent Mike Miles came calling and, as you know, the man drives a hard bargain. I asked for $70,000; he countered with $90K. We shook hands and I grabbed my over-sized key ring and dust mop.

My salary may shock you. I’ll say this: historically janitorial services are not valued at the level Mike values them. I mean, most janitors walk around sweeping and picking up trash. I work differently. Whenever you have school reform, or any change, or just clean hallways, it has to be programs, it has to be initiatives, a fair amount of wax. That takes high-level, strategic-minded people. LIKE ME.

Joe Tone over at the Observer just asked me whether any school districts view their janitors the same way, so he could compare my apples to theirs. I couldn’t name any of comparable size.

“It’s rare,” I told him. “It’s taken a lot of time for school districts to catch up” to the for-profit-world maintenance-wise. But it looks like we’re finally here. My last day is Friday. I’ll miss you guys.


  • columbiasooner

    I’ll let our Governor speak for me.

    • @columbiasooner: You, sir, are HEARTLESS.

  • For the record, I have two years experience. So.

  • Bangs
  • RAB


    Consider that you’ll have to put in a full work week and punch a clock — a real clock — as a janitor. You won’t be able to cut out every afternoon at 3 to skulk off to the Monk. Divide your D pay by hours actually worked and compare it to your effective hourly rate as a janitor. I think you’re still miles (no pun intended) at D.

    • @RAB: I think you underestimate my skills at goldbricking.

  • mynameisbill

    Flushing turds….polishing turds. Your new job and the Communications Director’s isn’t that much different. Congrats!

  • RAB

    Monk at 4:30?

  • Long Memory

    I know wasn’t surprised to be told that Zac will clean up in school administration.