White Rock Marathon Changes Name to Dallas Marathon, Plans to Run Over Large Marge

That’s the news this morning, along with the fact that the course will take runners across Large Marge. It had already been announced that the race in 2012 is going to start and finish in downtown Dallas.

The name change makes sense, I guess, since the event has had less and less to do with White Rock Lake over the years. Makes sense if they’re trying to brand the event nationally among marathon addicts enthusiasts.

But White Rock Marathon is a more interesting name, and I’m sure there are many who will miss the traditions that went with it.


  • tb

    Why not both? Dallas White Rock Marathon?

  • Cissy A

    Ouch! Except for the start and finish changes, I don’t see how it has had less and less to do with White Rock Lake since they’ve done nothing but built it up in our neighborhood over the past years. I ‘ve lived in Lakewood since 1986 and they hit between 20 and 21 miles as they turn the corner in front of my house. It brings an emotional burst of joy to my heart and tears to my eyes to see those magnificent Africans loping past, way out in front. It’s a breathtaking sight. I always want to let them know that they have one more mile up to Cambria and then it’s downhilll from there. So yes, we will miss the White Rock Marathon, but I guess we will continue to be bothered with all the crappy little waddling events they jam into our neighborhood. At least it won’t be the Winfrey Point Marathon….

  • JB

    Its probably best. White Rock will eventually be a big parking lot anyway. The City apparently hates that stupid old mud puddle.

  • Mark Louis

    The name has been changed and the Start / Finish line has moved back downtown, but the course will still circle the lake.

  • Eastside

    Not sure if the city knows this (or cares is more like it) but the Bridge to Nowhere is boring and goes nowhere on the west side. Boring for runners. I know you want to show off the ridiculously overpriced piece of art, but runners like to run in cool areas, where people are. It helps them through the race. Another classic City move, along with changing the name that brings all the history.

  • Seven

    How boring and devoid of history. Dallas has a habit of intentionally forgetting its roots. I’ll miss the catchy ‘Run The Rock’.

    WFAA has the wrong date for the event in its story.

  • Stacy L.

    Dallas Non-White Rock Marathon. DNWRM. I’m using that name from now on because DM is something you do on Twitter.

  • JB, I hope you’re wrong about White Rock Lake becoming a parking lot. It’s unlikely that it will. There is too much resistance to it.

    As for the lake being a “stupid old mud puddle,” this could not be further from the truth. White Rock Lake is a magnificent feature of Dallas, and has great biodiversity. It supports all kinds of life, and has some spectacular wildflowers. Perhaps this blog will give you a better perspective and a greater appreciation of this incredible resource:http://white-rock-lake.blogspot.com/