Tornado Tossed Trailer Rigs Sky High in Southeast Dallas

Mother Nature is throwing a fit. A tornado just hit the Lancaster area tossing trailer rigs up in the air like toothpicks. Another tornado is hitting Tarrant County.

More bad weather is scheduled this afternoon. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


  • Ben

    Hope no one was hurt. That 18 wheeler in that photo is what 150 feet in the air!

  • cbs

    where was the obligatory radar shot warning me to duck?! C’mon D, I depend on you for two things: 1. proper snark at all times and 2. timely weather coverage.

  • @cbs: We all miss Eric Celeste for his weather coverage and his inappropriate, overly long, slightly creepy handshakes.

  • JB

    The Irony is that that is probably the “Flying J Travel Plaza.”

  • Anne

    I’m with cbs. I miss DUCK!!!, too. Tim, you are the one responsible for Eric not being here to post DUCK!!! Therefore, you are the one responsible for reviving it. It’s the least you can do because obviously this has become an “issue.”

  • cbs

    I thought Mayor Crain assumed all of Sr. Celeste’s responsibilities (with exception to shirtless pool…thankfully). Please be sure to enact the Eric Celeste Memorial Weather Alert next time. Really, it’s for the children.