Centennial Beverage Group Gets Smacked With $4,756,702 Tax Lien

In the back of the Dallas Business Journal every week, they print lots of stuff in tiny type. Bankruptcy filings, sales tax permits, building permits, that sort of thing. My eye was drawn in the most recent edition to the list of state tax liens and the rather large number that appeared after Centennial Beverage Group: $4,756,702. That, to me, seems a substantial amount of money to be in arrears on.

So I called Tony Miller, director of marketing and communications at Centennial, to ask him what the heck happened. I can’t tell you what Miller said, because he would only talk to me off the record. But I want you to know that I did call him, and we did talk. I can tell you only that we did not talk about the Mavericks’ overtime loss to the Lakers, and we did not talk about Miller’s plans for summer vacation. I have no idea if Miller even has plans for summer vacation. Because we did not talk about that. And the stuff that we did talk about — well, that was, to reiterate, off the record.

But $4,756,702. That’s something, right?


  • Proab Ng Scrybe

    So, who COULD talk on the record? Did he say or was that off the record, too?

  • @Proab Ng Scrybe: Obviously I can’t tell you who could talk on the record — because, yes, that’s off the record.