• Not Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

    I know girls who will get off of an elevator if it’s only them and a guy or guys.

    This ( and now this 17-year old riding the A.M. bus, as well as the countless other stories in the news and out of the news that don’t make the headlines, yet parallel these scenarios.

    And oh yeah, whatever happened to the girl who was walking to her car after leaving a Greenville Avenue establishment about a year ago? Walking to her car, she was nabbed off the street and raped by a group of guys who left her for dead, off Greenville Ave.

    And then there’s Rick Santorium who thinks women should accept this “horribly created…gift.” –

    I guess this means Rick also is okay when this method is used for purposes of “ethnic cleansing” in war situations, like during the war in Bosnia, for example. If he views babies as “horribly created…gifts” that are a result from such an act, then at some point he would accept as “okay” the methodology in which the “horribly created…gift” is delivered. Can a ‘horribly created gift’ exist on the same plane as a ‘horribly done’ act without ‘normalizing’ the actions that were ‘horribly done?’ Is he going all Machiavellian – the end (horribly created gift) justifies the means (horribly done act)?

  • Daniel

    Not Buffy,

    Rick Santorum, so inexorably and indelibly linked to this unspeakable news item, is actually much more reasonable than you give him credit for. Liberated from your misleading editorial snips, the full quote is: “Women must accept this horribly created gift, unless that woman is in my family, under limited circumstances including but not limited to rape, incest, or the sire is a black’un, and only then if she assents to dwell in a psychic dungeon of shame for a period of at least four (4) years while tacitly absolving me of any implication of hypocrisy.”

    You’d have us believe Rick Santorum is some kind of ani-woman bigot.

  • Daniel


  • TT44

    Failing to see how Rick “Santorium” has anything to do with this story.

  • Daniel

    I’m not sure, but when I was a little boy and feeling sad, Mom would hold me to her bosom, stroke my hair & reassure me that I was a “horribly created gift.” Then Dad would get mad and go out for awhile and I’d wake up in the wee hours with Dad sitting on the edge of my bed demanding boozily just what else my mother had said.

  • Not Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

    Dear TT44

    My bad, not everyone thinks about the deeper implications, consequences, and broader perspectives of things, so I’ll explain. While it’s just a story about a singular event to you, look at the episode with a wider lens.

    Rick Santorium has everything to do with this story IN A BROADER CONTEXT given his WELL KNOWN, WELL COVERED views on right to life, particularly as it has to do with the rape and incest of victims. If you’re not that familiar with Santorium and his views, I understand your confusion as to Rick’s association with this particular story. But given that Rick Santorium was a (recent) viable presidential candidate and may be so in the future, his views influence his policy making. Given that the blog post was about a local rape victim, a Santorium presidency (or other like-minded president) has compelling implications for not just women who were raped, but society as a whole.

    The point of bringing a well-known figure with well-known views into the dialogue was to wonder aloud hypothetically, what it would be like for one of the aforementioned assault victims to be told she must have a baby that resulted from her being raped, stabbed and left for dead, as is the case of the 17-year-old. OR in the case of the SMU student – kidnapped off the street, raped at gun point by three separate men who violated her orally, vaginally and anally, forced to kiss one of the perps on the mouth and tell him she loves him, and who then culminate their violation by throwing her out the car nude on a random city street, and flinging her dress at her.

    My point was Rick Santorium, a former and maybe future contender for leader of the free world, basically says, ‘yeah, I imagine being raped is a B****, but if you get a baby out of it, it’s a ‘gift.’

    And since one of the consequences of rape CAN BE pregnancy, as well as sexually transmitted diseases , not to mention mental health issues (or all of three),put yourself in these women’s shoes for a moment. In addition to the violence of the rape itself, what else do you think is going through their heads after they’ve processed what’s happened to them? I can’t believe you live in a cave and don’t know that women who were raped are typically tested for STDs and are given a pregnancy test. You only have to read the newspaper, listen to radio or TV news to get that bit of info.

    The point of me bringing up someone like Rick Santorium, is that his views which can affect women who are victimized through rape or incest, have the potential of influencing policy in this country.

  • Dubious Brother

    @Not Buffy – I’m not sure if you have heard that Rick Santorum has dropped out of the race.
    As one woman put it that was impregnated as a result of rape, had the baby and put the baby up for adoption – “Why should the baby get the death penalty? The baby is innocent.”

    The “girl” who was attacked walking to her car off Greenville about a year ago was actually featured in a special on ESPN last weekend I believe and it was Henderson not Greenville.

    The 17 year old that was raped yesterday while waiting for the bus to take her to school is probably Latino. I don’t know who she is, I do live in the neighborhood, but she was still in school (over 40% of Latinos don’t finish high school), doing the right thing and this morning when she woke up she was fighting for her life and in the first day of a life long nightmare.

    The 59 year old junkie who raped her won’t have to worry about food, clothing or shelter the rest of his pathetic life but he probably won’t die of old age in prison.

  • Bill Marvel

    TT44 and not buffy,
    Aren’t you the same people that wander up to a group discussing, say, the price of tea in China and bust in and start riding your own pet hobby horse? Like, What about that Rick Santorum. Or whatever.
    Yes, I recognize you now.
    My mother used to to call that rude, but in these days of the blog free-for-all, I guess it’s just exercisin’ one’s rights and exchangin’ opinions, right?
    So whattaya think about Ross Perot’s idea of mining stuff on asteroids?.

  • Not Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

    Dear Dubious:

    I’m not sure you read accurately or closely, but my post referenced Santorium as a “former” but possible future candidate for POTUS.

    The girls who walking to her car near Greenville or Henderson was NOT featured on ESPN. It was an SMU student leaving a party. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter where she was.

    Also, being a Latina is irrelevant to the story. And just so you have your facts correct, she is Asian.

  • Dubious Brother

    @Not Buffy – Your first post was the one that I responded to and it did not mention “former.”

    You asked about the girl that was attacked and I responded – the SMU student was walking to her car near Henderson which does dead end into Greenville, I thought that was the one that you mentioned.

    None of the articles that I have read mentioned the 17 year old girl’s race – the point that I was making was that she was doing the right thing by going to school. The junkie that attacked her should not have been on the street.

  • A


    Will she ever see
    The world the same.
    No unguarded moments
    Await her.
    Only the fear of what
    Approaches from behind
    Leaving scars
    Beyond what others see.
    And torturing her dreams
    For endless nights,
    Her youth gone.

  • Sport

    The victim is asian, and it has been mentioned in articles about the attack. Vampire Slayer is right to point out the possibility of some idiot like Santorum getting elected for any political office. Seriously, who wants to carry and give birth to a rapist’s child? All of the right wing-nuts should shut up unless they’ve adopted a kid or two, who are in need of homes.

  • Daniel

    For God’s sake, it’s Santorum not Santorium.

    And Bill, I would think you’d be less disparaging of the “blog free-for-all.” Grateful for it, even. I know this rankles you, but please wrap your head around the fact that your blatherings are no more or less welcome than TT44’s, Not Buffy’s, or mine. On a conciliatory note, I personally find them worth every penny you were paid to write them.

  • Avid Reader

    Wow, Deranged Rick Santorum Syndrome much? If you do not bring him into every conversation you have, do you feel like it was a failure?

  • Dubious Brother

    @Sport – What are “right wing-nuts?” I’m not sure if I am supposed to shut up or adopt a kid or two or continue to have an opinion that may differ from yours.

  • Sport

    Dubious Bro, You definitely qualify. Call Edna Gladney now!

  • Bill Marvel

    I try to stick to the subject under discussion.

  • Daniel


    I often enjoy your commentary when you do. But the forty percent of the time you’re playing hall monitor, taking others to task for their impertinence, lack of transparency and/or low standards of journalistic research? I personally find annoying. Of course, taking up four lines of space and twenty seconds of your time to point that out makes me an instant hypocrite.

  • Bill Marvel

    Didn’t mean to annoy you, Daniel.
    Tell me, which of my commentary did you enjoy?