Leading Off (2/10/12)

I’d Like To Invite You to the Pants Party. Man, Steven Lee Noble was really not having a great day. But it was during his jail processing that he really opened up about it. He offered up his pants, adding, “I’m tired of life. This sucks.” He continued to try to divest himself of his pants to the point that he had to be physically restrained from doing so.

I’ll Take the Souper Salad. That’s the punchline to the clean version of my favorite dirty joke. But it’s also (according to video feed I saw on WFAA) part of what first lady Michelle Obama ate when she went all the way to Fort Worth to eat at Olive Garden, where there are apparently a short supply of locally-owned restaurants.  She was there to talk about healthy eating and living, so let’s not talk about the daily percentage of fat and sodium one serving of OG salad contains, m’kay?

Speaking of Restaurants … County health officials are investigating a case of hepatitis A at a Mexican restaurant in southeast Dallas. You know what one of the ways to spread Hep A is? Fecal/oral route. Wanna know how I know that? Because this girl, when she was a cub reporter, was forced to cover a similar story as a series and had to type that (and what it meant) probably 10 times a day for a week. There may have been an illustration, as well.

AA to Nader: “Sorry, Boo.” Yeah, that’s right. American Airlines and Ralph Nader are in a fight.

UTA Student Clamors for Mass Transit. University of Texas at Arlington student Anthia Meme finds it ridiculous that Arlington has no public transportation. So she’s started an online petition to take the matter before the Arlington city council. As of Thursday night, she was about 56 signatures shy of her 500 signature goal.


  • mynameisbill

    I don’t think Michelle eating at the Olive Garden had anything to do with there being a shortage of non-chains in FW…I believe it had to do with the fact that the average American will likely eat at an Olive Garden over a non-chain, so she wants to see what they’ll serve the average American and its family, there. Thanks for being cute, but sometimes cute and logic don’t compute.

  • Obama’s Seat

    Rednecks get a lesson in proper eating from the Queen.

  • RAB

    Nader is a douche. No company needs a customer like that.

  • Obama’s Seat

    Shouldn’t she have a Caesar salad, in honor of her husband?

  • ericthegardener

    Are you gonna make that Caesar comment at every blog in town?

  • Christopher

    Reason: Olive Garden is the Italian version of Roscoe’s

  • Hannibal Lecter

    Their education is 90% subsidized by the taxpayers, so now they want their transportation subsidized, also.

  • J bennett

    Who are you Yahoos out there who cannot see beyond the end of your noses anyway?Why would it not be a very big benefit to the entire community to not have public transportation available …especially for the students?Denver has had a FREE public transportation system for years…and it works for everyone..can’t this area ever get into the 21st century for any kind of improvement and progress?

  • j.d.w…

    Less than one minute of “research” (GOOGLE!!!) provides some insight as to why First lady Obama chose the Olive Garden… Less than 6 months ago, Darden Restaurants committed to providing healthier kids meals in response to the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” campaign to offer healthier options for families dining out. Read more (if you’re into facts and stuff): http://investor.darden.com/releasedetail.cfm?releaseid=605795

    Has this turned into some kind of mom blog with zero journalistic intent, or what?

  • Obama’s Seat

    “Are you gonna make that Caesar comment at every blog in town?”

    Every one but yours, Eric.

    As for Olive garden, has Michele Obama not seen “The Sopranos”?

  • When I see or hear “fecal-oral” I think of the portable toilets they have everywhere in Port Au Prince Haiti and how it is related to the Cholera epidemic. They’re poorly maintained and hurt women at least five times as much as they do men. In Haiti a woman doctor explained to me that the whole world is a urinal. She’s right. You see men urinating on any wall, tree, tire, etc to relieve themselves while women have to use the portable toilets.

    Cholera is one of those fecal-oral diseases. You touch something someone with Cholera has touched after they haven’t properly washed and you rub your nose and you’re exposed.

    The portable toilets in Haiti is a great idea from the perspective of the vendors of the portable toilets and equipment to service them. It is not so good an idea if you are a humanitarian and you see women facing at least five times the threat of exposure to Cholera as men because of them.

    Temple Grandin says, “Mother Nature is cruel, we don’t have to be.” She was talking about killing cows. But we could apply that to human beings not being exposed to deadly diseases like Cholera because they are poor and women.

    Y’all go back to bashing Obama now.

  • Don

    I’d like to see Michelle Obama take over from Jamie Lee Curtis as spokesperson for Activia yogurt so that all America can cheer when those big gray balls of healthy eating choices go swooshing through her pipes like Drano to the rescue.

  • Amy S

    @J Bennett – I believe the citizens of Arlington made a conscious choice – TWICE – to not have mass transportation. The first time when they declined joining DART, the second when they voted to spend their transit allowance on the new football stadium.

  • Mark

    Dear whiny UTA students,

    If you want to go to school where there’s public transportation, try Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Austin, or even Wichita Falls.

    This strikes me as being similar to someone who moves to near the end of a runway of a busy airport and then bitches about the noise. Arlington was sans bus service long before you got there. If you failed to notice that before enrolling, that’s your problem. The other 350,000 or so people who live in Arlington don’t need to subsidize you any more than they already do.

  • Obama’s Seat

    “When I see or hear “fecal-oral” I think of the portable toilets…”

    I think of Dan Savage.

  • Obama’s Seat

    “… they voted to spend their transit allowance on the new football stadium.”

    That actually shows a return on investment.