Leading Off (1/30/11)

DISD Teacher Calls for “Sick Out” Last week the Dallas ISD school board voted to close 11 campuses and extend teachers’ work day by 45 minutes without additional compensation. Now an anonymous teacher is trying to organize a “sick out” protest for February 29.

Mom Will Give Son Kidney: When Jace Glenn was four weeks old, he had both his kidneys removed. He has been on dialysis ever since, awaiting an age when he would be old enough to undergo a kidney transplant operation. Now three, all he needs is a donor. He found one in his mom.

Police Officer Saves Women From Car Sinking In Lake: Saturday night, Ngac Do and Nhi Tran took a wrong turn on Dalrock Rd. off I-30 and drove their Honda Civic into Lake Ray Hubbard. A police dash cam caught the rescue.


  • RossG

    Apparently, people take that wrong turn on Dalrock all the time and drive into the lake. Maybe they should put up a sign. Danger lake ahead.

  • DGirl

    I’m glad my kids aren’t in DISD for lots of reasons. Today’s reasons are that this is another example of how DISD and theTexas school finance system are failing kids and society. Another reason is that one brave, anonymous teacher thinks it’s a good idea to screw DISD kids out of a day of instruction and routine because “it’s” pissed about having “its” work day extended. Guess what? That won’t solve the budget issue, Anonymous. It’ll really make it worse since the system will then have to pay more for substitutes that day. Y’all need to figure this shet out.