Which Cover Would You Have Chosen?

Time for everyone’s favorite game, Pick The Cover!, wherein we all second-guess the decisions of your favorite magazine staff. Here are three iterations of the issue that will find its way to subscribers and newsstands this weekend. The cover story, written by Michael “Don’t Forget the J” Mooney, is about First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress. Which cover do you like most? (Jump to vote.)


Which cover do you prefer?

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  • OneArtDirector

    Design-wise, cover one. But cover three probably more accurate reflects him based on his viewpoints…

  • JustMe

    First one has a cleaner look design-wise. Third one is my least favorite.

  • TwoArtDirector

    I’m hoping you didn’t go with three, very little rack impact.

  • John M

    Closed eyes and closed bible most accurately reflect the bigoted charlatan.

  • Couldn’t get past the bit about how how gays are filthy and how MUCH Mooney likes him. While he is not my cup of tea, I know that he appeals to Wick and most of the readers of D Magazine. Congratulations Mr. Mooney…this sort of ring kissing of a bigot/homophobe should move you far up the ranks at the D Empire. William Simpkins is another Texan with spiritual views that you might want to consider for a future article.

  • Liz Landry

    First one seems like he’s practicing his yoga moves. Plus, I SUPER hate the Chosen One heading. Uhhh… chosen by whom. NOT ME> I can deal with the God’s gift bc it doesn’t say which god. 😉 Personally, visually, I like the purple background and pink tie in the third.

  • smeyers

    The first 2 make him look like a used car salesman w/ a bible.

  • heels

    need to work in SEX SCANDAL in place of the word GIFT

  • RayRay

    Please tell me you didn’t pick the first one.

  • http://larryjamesurbandaily.blogspot.com/
    This would be a lot more interesting to me at least.

  • @ Jack E. Jett: I couldn’t get past your congratulations. So…thanks!

  • MT

    Obviously D Magazine is in the business to make money, and putting an anti semitic bigot on the cover should be good for sales, I just hope the story behind the cover discusses what a terrible person he really is. Why the news stations have not done an undercover report on him is amazing. Brett Shipp, where are you when we need you?

  • You should be proud….the love of bigotry and homophobia will move you you up the ladder with the D Empire. I did read it only to find you reiterate your love for this man throughout the article. If you meet or know any gay teens let them know that Jeffress thoughts of homosexuality are NOT the only answer. There is no need to pray the gay away and just because D puts him on the cover, doesn’t mean he has all the right answers. You are a great writer, I just hate seeing wasted on such vile hatred during a season of love and peace. Perhaps the article will serve the goal of getting you both on Fox News. Love you, mean it….Have an awesome Xmas.

  • mynameisbill

    All three…make it like a collage.

  • Grumpy Demo

    “God’s Bigot” fixed it.

    You’re welcome.

  • Sport

    The third one, because it looks as though he’s describing the pipe organist’s organ!

  • I wouldn’t ordinarily get into it, Mr. Jett, but it’s Yule and you’re one of my favorite commenters. If you got anything from reading the 6k+ word story about this controversial public figure, I’m glad it was that I’m a ladder climber who loves bigotry and homophobia and believes Robert Jeffress is right about everything he says.

  • ket

    @MJM: I think the story is very good in that it exposes the intoxicating attraction of certainty. A quote came to mind after reading your story: “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.” – Voltaire

    I think Voltaire missed what your story illustrated, the unpleasantness of doubt makes certainty seem a panacea to those who don’t recognize the absurdity it requires.

  • Jerry Carpenter

    I like 3. However, I wish you where as equally indignant about why CNN has people like Piers Morgan working for them. Given the fact of his involvement in voice mail hacking of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.

  • Mr Mooney..With all respect, my concern is more long term that your friendship with a man like Jeffress. I volunteer with an organizaiton called The Trevor Project. I know the last thing you want or need is to be educated by me on the subject of gay teen suicide and I don’t want to bombard you with information. The bit below is a summation of some important facts. It is important that all gay teens know they can have a rich and full life as a gay man or woman.
    It’s a fact that gay teenagers are about thirty percent more likely than straight teenagers to take their own lives.
    It’s a fact that the vast majority of Christians believe that being gay is a profound moral failing, a foul aberration, a repelling, unnatural offense against God that fully warrants as punishment an eternity spent in hell.

    I hope Christian parents of gay teens will think twice before taking advice from the likes of a Robert Jeffress or Marcus Bachman, no matter how much M. Mooney might like them.

    Point made. Nuff said.

  • I’d go for number two.

    I liked Michael’s story a lot. I appreciated his disappointment with not being able to really dislike Jeffress. It can really feel good to be bad and hate someone who epitomizes evil as you know it.

    Jeffress makes me think of the little boys in Haiti by the airport. Little girls don’t hang out at the airport, there’s chores for them to do. Boys walk up to foreigners that are obviously from the States and in a very demanding tone say, “hey you give me dollar!”

    The reason the boys do that is because good meaning men and women from the States have taught them to beg by rewarding it.

    Those well meaning people are doing real harm from the goodness of their heart. Like Jeffress they don’t see their faith and their actions as being bad because their cause is so noble, or so they think. Here in north Texas we understand that kind of ignorance. They don’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel.

  • Liz Landry

    While I wouldn’t quite phrase it like Jack E. Jett, I would say I was shocked by the constant reiteration of how much you just gosh-darn like Jeffress, Mike. It kind of makes me think how people always talk about mass murderers as “so sweet and nice” when they talk to the cops. Or how really good salesman can have you agreeing to buy products you don’t even need or already have. It’s just disappointing to see someone get taken, to see that you determine goodness based on how earnest you are and not based on actions. In my opinion there were some serious questions that this story doesn’t answer, but maybe it’s supposed to be more of a feel good feature and not a real in depth look: how much does he make? I imagine it isn’t “hard not to be grim”” when you’re living off the wealth of a mega church. you briefly state (as if it were fact) that he’s never done drugs, despite growing up during the 60s Revolution. Really? I find that hard to believe, and I wonder if it would be presented that way if we were talking about a different kind of leader. Also, there was no real discussion or calling him on the fact that he is advocating Secular Laws be based on ONE religion. No calling him on the fact that it goes against the Bible, the very thing he claims to uphold. No counter argument really presented in any way. And, trust me,there is one. I wouldn’t need 6,000 words to tell it either.

  • amanda

    It’s worth doing the cover just for the flipping outedness on the blog.

  • amanda

    Just read the story. Amazingly well-written, and honest. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when a subject and a writer can have open discourse, the result is this. Although I went to FBA, I don’t think I could have spent that much time with the pastor. RJ told a gay friend of mine he (friend) is for sure going to hell. I don’t know what Bible RJ is working from, but mine says that faith in Christ as savior and Messiah is the determining factor…not sexuality. All sin is equal, so why certain topics cause RJ to deliver provocative message, I’ll never understand.

    Thanks, Michael, that was a great read.

  • Paul

    I seem to remember that not to long ago there were demands from stores to obstruct the covers of the magazine to avoid showing objectionable material to the casual shopper, Can I please be one of the first to ask that the same consideration be given to all three of these. Kudos to the staff that put all three together, and both the second and third have some appea. Sadly each of them are overshadowed by the intolerance and disdain that this man spews through the media so regularly. Happy Holiday’s ya’ll!

  • mynameisbill

    So, amanda, do you then think that being gay is a sin?

  • archangel

    And if participating in homosexual activities is a sin — and it is — are you really Christian?

    Something about saying you know Christ but choose to disobey him doesn’t ring true.

  • archangel

    Then tell us your counter argument Liz. Instead of talking about how much smarter you are and how you could easily refute Mooney, why don’t you actually do it?

    Oh, because you don’t have nearly as sensible a POV as Mooney. Who’s the bigot, really?

  • Liz Landry

    Never said I was smarter than Mike. And, dude, I’m not scared to present my POV, but I’m not your dog to command at will. Move along, son.

    I’m not a bigot just because I respectfully disagree with how Mike wrote his story. I’m not a bigot just because I see the hypocrisy of Jeffress. I am a Christian who IS tolerant of other views. I have friends who are Buddhist, atheist, and various Christian faiths. So, before you start throwing around insults and name calling, get your facts straight.

  • archangel

    “I’m not scared to present my POV…”

    I’m just going to criticize others for their’s and, for a second time, talk about my own … but not really at talk about it.

    *sigh* Why am I not surprised? All talk.

    Not sure you really understand your faith if you’re more concerned about sitting on your hands being “tolerant.” you may disagree with Jeffress’ methods, but you can’t deny that it’s getting results — probably more than you. I seem to remember a verse about lukewarm Christians being spit out.

  • amanda

    @mynameisbill… My personal opinion about homosexuality is that God didn’t put me on this planet to sort out people. When I said “all sin is equal” I’m simply pointing out that RJ picks and chooses his pet sins very curiously. (Meaning RJ has decided what the “sin” is, not me.) As the article so well-articulated, in the past RJ has courted controversy, and it has worked in his favor. Pavlov’s dog. He keeps doing it over and over again, because it works for him. The drama and emotion created from his controversial statements fuels his ascension. Think about it, when anyone outside that church criticizes RJ, he positions like HE’s being attacked. That just draws the flock closer and closer to his “inner circle.” I don’t go to FBD, never did, but this much I know for sure– RJ couldn’t wait to start a kerfuffle over “the gay thing.” Immediately afterwards? The capital campaign for the Baptist Galleria began. The controversy drew the most faithful to that message right into the inner circle. Cha-ching!

    In the D story, MJM writes that RJ has told parents to continue loving their gay children. That may have…idk comforted some in the congregation, and perhaps even helped some families. But, I know for a fact that not everyone took that message to heart. The application of RJ’s position has been selectively applied. I’m talking about specific families I know in that church who have a gay family member.

    When I said “all sin is equal,” I’m restating what RJ has unwaveringly (never once changed his mind about ANYTHING) believed. Why is it okay for prominent members of his congregation to be racial bigots? Where’s the big sermon about that? Why is okay for prominent members of his congregation to lie, cheat, and steal in the business community? Where’s the big morality sermon on that? Oh, I know how RJ’s thinks. I grew up around it. There aren’t going to be any big moral sermons about the equal sins happening in the church. That might make donations go down for the new mall. RJ will continue to court controversy on topics like homosexuality and Mormonism because he can point outside the walls of the church to condemn those things…he just can’t look within his own heart and own congregation to address ALL the sins. RJ just picks the “sins” most likely to get the most attention based on his past record.

    I’ve had this conversation with many a Baptist, including some at First Baptist Dallas over the years. It starts with, “Do you really think someone would CHOOSE to be gay? Do you think gay people wake up one morning and say, ‘gee, I think this is what I want to do now…because I’m bored’?” Privately, they will say that no, that isn’t what they think. Privately, they will say that, wow…there really does seem to be something to this theory that there is a genetic link to homosexuality. Privately, these same people will cry and worry over their gay family members. AS JEJ pointed out (in his later comment) gay youth face exponentially high rates of suicide…I would add depression, drug use, and being victims of bullies as well. I just don’t think a person would CHOOSE all of that.

    So, to answer your question…do I think being gay is a sin? I think that’s the wrong question. I think homosexuality exists, and has existed and will exist forever. I would rather love my brother as Jesus taught, and leave the big ticket decisions to God to deal with. There are a HANDFUL, maybe 5 or 6 total verses in the Bible that deal with homosexuality. (Actually, I don’t believe that they truly do deal with homosexuality, but that’s another long winded comment for another time.) AND, there are THOUSANDS of verses in the Bible that deal with HOW WE ARE TO REGARD AND TREAT OTHER PEOPLE. Those are really super clear.

    Oh, don’t make me throw down Matthew 7:1-5. I’ll do it.

  • Long Memory

    Uhhh. None of the above?

  • Sammy

    Wonderful, Amanda.

    I grew up being a Southern Baptist, and then I got tired of hating everyone.

    I’ve never seen so much venom in my life, all covered up with a glossy sheen of “Love your brother”. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Sport

    Jesus, protect me from your followers. Show tunes were mentioned in the article, so he’s probably closeted. Keep your religion to yourself, and leave the rest of us alone.

  • Amanda…That is the best explanation of the ultra tired line “love the sin hate the sinner” bit I have ever read.

    I am going to consider that my Christmas gift from you. Cuz…I really appreciate it. Now look under your chair and find keys to a BRAND NEW FORD ACURA

  • amanda

    @ JEJ…it wasn’t an explanation of “love the sin and hate the sinner.” But, we only hear what we want to hear, I guess.

  • It explained it for me more than anyone ever has. Gay is sin/love sin-hate sinner= six of one to me. But I sincerely think it helps to clear up in my head something that seems so foreign. Like insider information. So please accept the compliment and the BRAND NEW FORD ACURA and have a great holiday.

  • amanda

    @ JEJ…fyi…the saying is “love the SINNER, hate the sin.” Big difference. But, as you perhaps accidentally bring forth the practice of the intent is often the version you typed.

  • That last part is a bit over my head. So let me simply say…I appreciate your explanation and found it insightful. I don’t believe in sin, so I don’t believe in sinners. I believe in right and wrong and rock and roll. I really was trying to offer you a compliment but I guess it has fallen flat.

  • amanda

    No Jack…it hasn’t fallen flat. I accepted it, and I know you meant it. It was very profound that you said, “love the sin and hate the sinner” (as opposed to “love the sinner, hate the sin). That gave me a powerful insight into what you “hear” or how the message of some Christians comes across. I’m sure you aren’t the only gay person that feels that way, or the only non-Christian for that matter (gay or not). Christians may say and mean “love the sinner, hate the sin,” but it doesn’t come out that way…it’s poorly executed in practice… I heard you loud and clear. I hope RJ reads your comments. Merry Festivus. XO

  • mynameisbill

    Thanks for the explanation, amanda. As for myself. The question I asked was right on point, because being born gay is no different than from someone being born purple. In neither of the cases did the individual ask for what they received. This is only a big ticket item to those that have distorted the message of love with a message of tolerance…for when we try to hold to the tenets of the latter, we generally fail, since not everyone is going to feel the need to tolerate. So, in conclusion(mine only),I really hope God doesn’t hold it against me if I happen to be born purple! Shalom