Showdown Over Drinking in Gun Barrel City

There are so many delightful tidbits in this New York Times story about the fight in Gun Barrel City over late-night drinking. For one, the mayor says, “There’s no reason to drink between midnight and 2 a.m.” I could spend the rest of the day listing those reasons. Then I could spend all day tomorrow listing the reasons for drinking between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.

Then there’s the testy relationship between Linda Whitworth, who manages the Huddle House diner, and Rob Rea, who co-owns Rita’s Club. She’s not big on drinking; he, for obvious reasons, is. According to the Times: “One day last month, after a brief exchange at the Huddle House cash register, Ms. Whitworth called the police, accusing Mr. Rea of misdemeanor assault after he shook her hand too hard and too long as they debated the merits of late-night drinking in Gun Barrel City.”

Read that sentence slowly just one more time. Take a second to appreciate it.


  • Cynthia

    As one of those former Dallas residents who retired to Cedar Creek Lake, I’m so glad the referendum passed. It’s not because we can drink between midnight and 2AM, but because this area needs that Applebee’s so badly. Believe it or not, it will be the closest thing to a fine dining establishment (smiley face) within 50 miles.