Jessica Simpson Pregnant, Probably

Magazines and blogs have been saying for weeks that Jessica Simpson is pregnant, but she’s kept silent. Some have reported that she wanted $500,000 in exchange for the story. Well, apparently she confirmed it to OK Magazine last night. The cover with the story will be out October 27. I’m just hoping there won’t be a reality TV show covering her pregnancy. Of course, if there is, I know someone who can do a great job recapping it.


  • lol

    Dallas has not been kind to Jessica I doubt the recap would be worth reading. Sadly ROMO is a cheater & poor Candice. IT will & continues to bite him in the ass.

  • Du-Oh

    The SImpson clan just needs to go away and leave us in peace. I speak for many who could less whether she is pregnant or not. A talentless specimen. Don’t even get me started on her sister.

  • j.bennett

    EXACTLY WHY would anyone care about this and her?Get a life people!