Bacon Nixed Role in Footloose Remake

Actor Kevin Bacon says he was asked to appear in director Craig Brewer’s soon-to-be-released Kevin Bacon IMG_9222remake of Footloose–the 1984 film that made Bacon a star–but turned down the offer because he wasn’t impressed by the role. Speaking in Dallas to a packed house last night for the Nasher Sculpture Center‘s NasherSALON series, the Golden Globe winner said of the redo, “They wrote a part for me, and it just wasn’t that good a part. I honestly felt for me to be in the movie would be doing the movie a disservice. … But, I wish them the best. The only downside [for me] is, you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and say, ‘Eww, they’re remaking your movies!’ ” The 53-year-old actor (pictured in photo by Jeanne Prejean) said a remake of his 1990 Flatliners flick is also in the works.