Woodall Rodgers Deck Park To Feature Jet Engines

I had no idea. From an email update on construction of The Park:

With its cross-beams nearly 80 percent complete, construction of The Park is on schedule for its fall 2012 opening.

Crews have installed 252 of the 316 concrete crossbeams that span the 5.2-acre deck park and the final beams are expected to be placed in October. Meanwhile, construction crews have completed 40 percent of the waterproofing the deck needs to ensure water does not seep through the concrete and into the tunnel once complete.

“As the deck nears completion, North Texans are in for an extraordinary sight,” said Linda Owen, president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. “Soon we’ll see the arrival of trees and plants, lawns and trellis, and it will be unmistakably clear what a transformational space our community has created.”

Improvements are also being made to the newly-created tunnel for drivers travelling underneath the deck park. In October, workers will complete the installation of 32 jet fans that will be monitored and controlled by computers at all times to protect air quality. In addition to the jet engines, drivers travelling on Woodall Rodgers Freeway will also notice the eastbound Pearl Street exit has been reopened. The exit closed last December as a safety precaution at the beginning of construction.

Dallas residents aren’t the only ones getting a new view of The Park. The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, which oversees the development and programming for The Park, relocated to a space overlooking The Park last week. Its new home will also serve as a meeting space for volunteers and programming partners.


  • Jason Terry

    Only 32, huh?

  • Rod

    Oh how I have missed the Pearl Street exit…

  • allison

    Jet engines have a reputation for being loud. 32 jet engines seem like they might be deafening. Will you hear them in the park? Seems like that would be disturbing, which is not the effect a park should have. Do they have a plan in place to muffle the noise?

  • I seriously doubt they are ‘jet fans’ more like electrically operated, variable speed, turbo fans with multiple impellers. In the construction business, before the public affairs folks get involved, we call them ‘exhaust fans’. They are in every underground parking garage in town…

  • Angela Hunt

    I just hope they put some of those jets above ground to blow the bums out of the park.

  • John G

    I hope that lights will be installed in the tunnel. Today, even in the the daytime it is a bit dark.

  • kristen dickson

    Have they addressed noise in general? Seems like the traffic noise could be considerable if they are going to have concerts etc.