Every A In This Q&A With Larry Hagman Is Pretty Great

Read the entire interview — or at least the parts they published — with the once and future J.R. Ewing right here. A few out-of-context tastes to make you click:

“I just couldn’t resist it. I licked her from her hand up to her elbow.”

“Anything that’s fun gets a bad rap. I don’t know, I’ve never swapped in one of my baths – or anywhere, for that matter – and I’ve had them for like 50 years.”

“But I did want to be spread over a field and have marijuana and wheat planted and harvest it in a couple of years and then have a big marijuana cake, enough for 200 to 300 people.”



  • Daniel

    Larry Hagman for governor.

  • Brent D.

    There should be a “like” button on the interview.

  • toni

    good stuff