Philanthropist Nancy Hamon, R.I.P.

Stubbs Davis and Nancy Hamon
Stubbs Davis and Nancy Hamon

According to Pegasus News, Angus Wynne has reported the death of 92-year-old philanthropist Nancy Hamon, whose life was filled with much happiness and heartache. Her generosity was overwhelming (SMU, the Dallas Zoo, Presbyterian Hospital, UT Southwestern Medical Center, the Winspear Opera House, etc.); her parties, whether on board a yacht in the Mediterranean or at her Turtle Creek penthouse, were legendary; and her personal tragedies (the premature deaths of her son and her husband) were heartbreaking.


  • Blue Pen

    She was very generous indeed, and the money her husband made did much good in this city. (But when someone dies at age 82, as Jake Hamon did, it’s a little melodramatic to describe that as a “premature death.”)

  • B. L. Powell

    In a former life as a music student at SMU, I spent many nights in the fantastic Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library. It is a treasure for our university and for Dallas. Thank you, Mrs. Hamon. We are honored by your generosity and vision for the Meadows School of the Arts.

  • @Blue Pen: Nancy was just 66 when her husband, Jake, died of a heart attack just a few months following the unexpected death of her 33-year old son, Jay, in 1984.

  • Helen

    She was truly one of a kind. Some of us were talking about her over dinner just last weekend. The wonderful parties. The incredible generosity to so many museums in Dallas, San Francisco and elsewhere. I hate to lose her, but heaven must be having one heck of a party right now.

  • joeat

    This was a great lady. I had dealings with her when Jake was still alive. He was much more conservative but still an interesting guy. After his death, OMG, Miss Nancy went wild – but fun, always pleasant, interesting and generous to the city as well as her pals. Dallas has lost a real jewel.

    We need, every city needs, a Nancy!

  • Amy S

    She typified what fun could come from investing in the arts. God Bless.