Leading Off (7/8/11)

Brownwood Firefighter Falls to Death at Rangers Game. I cannot even wrap my head how the family of the Brownwood firefighter who fell to his death trying to catch a ball during last night’s Ranger’s game must feel  – especially since the whole tragic accident happened in front of his son. It was a year and a day after another fan fell from the stands during a game. Team president Nolan Ryan says the team is “distraught,” especially Josh Hamilton, who tossed the ball to the fan.

At Last Our Long National Nightmare is Over. Roy Williams got  his ring back. But to review, kiddies: If you don’t have time to propose in person, you should just wait. Some things are not for the mail.

John Wiley Price Search Warrant Wants Everything. WFAA mentions the search warrants executed last week were looking for dealings with Walmart, AT&T and Hillwood Inc.  Fox 4 adds the FBI was also interested in an online retail business called Male Man, registered to Price’s assistant, Daphne Fain.  This explains why it was unavailable for um, a project I was working on.

Golly Gee. Yeah. I maneuvered my way around a paywall for this.

The Stars At Night, Are Big and Bright … Apparently the new rumor is that erstwhile former Rangers co-owner Chuck Greenberg is interested in buying the Dallas Stars. Of course, everyone is quick to say it’s pure conjecture, too. So you know, let the spitballing continue.


  • How does one maneuver around the paywall to, golly gee, get that column?

  • Daniel

    Good question, publicnewssense. And I would add to that, what if you could have any vehicle you wanted at your immediate disposal at any time (and that includes planes, boats, private trains, etc.), including all fuel and insurance costs, but once every 60 hours, you’d have to defecate through your nose?

  • Daniel

    But who would drive the train, fly the plane, or captain the yacht, presuming you had no such expertise (or had it but derived no pleasure from exercising it)? Ay, yet another hypothetical with modest potential, done in by its own un-thought-outedness. Drats.

    Well, let’s nip that objection in the bud by saying you would have a pilot, a captain, an engineer, even a chauffeur if that’s not too pompous for you. Said retinue would be drawn from the Cortland family’s stable of able-bodied, alert, cheerful-natured Pygmies. These Pymies also have access to endless macadamia nuts and bottomless cups of organic mocha java– call it sweetening the pot. Now what?

  • Daniel, I assume the nurse has brought your medicine by now.

  • Wylie H.

    Don’t forget the info he Feds are seeking on dealings with American Airlines. It is quite possible that AA is one of the area’s largest enablers of the “soft corruption” that appears to have permeated the City of Dallas and Dallas County.

  • Steve

    Golly gee, I think I read all of Bethany’s postings already, supplied by The Dallas Morning News. Good rip and read (write) job.

  • Bethany Anderson

    Steve, I’m gonna need you to e-mail Dave Levinthal or Rod Dreher and ask them what the premise of FrontBurner’s Leading Off is.