Playboys in Dallas Could Only Party Till Midnight

Did you miss the Playboy party last night? Yeah, me, too. But our intern Kelsy McCraw did not. Read her report below.

Jaime Edmondson (Miss January 2010) and Lauren Anderson (Miss July 2002)
Jaime Edmondson (Miss January 2010) and Lauren Anderson (Miss July 2002)

Playboy bunnies invaded The Apartment last night to help Seagram’s 7 Crown unveil two new whiskey flavors, Dark Honey and Stone Cherry.

The Dallas party was the third of seven parties the duo is throwing across the country, and apparently Dallas knows how to throw down–well, sort of.

The two hosts, Playboy’s Miss January 2010 Jaime Edmondson and Miss July 2002 Lauren Anderson, said that each party has had its own personality, and Dallas’ played to the tune of the Playboy Club-theme.

“Chicago was a lot of suits, and New York was, well, New York,” Edmondson said. “This one (Dallas) feels the most like a club.”

However, Playboy publicity manager Abi O’Donnell said the midnight curfew of the Dallas party paled in comparison to New York and Chicago’s 4 am wrap-ups. O’Donnell attributed the early curtain in Dallas to the venue.

“The other parties have been at bars or clubs,” she said. “I’m not completely sure, but there was some liquor law here that we couldn’t have this type of event in a bar.”

[UPDATE: Abi O’Donnell, Playboy publicity manager, wrote to say that most of the parties were private events held from 9 pm to midnight. The other parties were hosted at bars, which opened after the party ended at midnight. Since The Apartment is an event space, it closed after the party ended.]

She said they were required to have a third-party vendor behind the bar of a private venue–hence, The Apartment on Oak Lawn Avenue–and the venue rental ended at midnight. Nevertheless, the guests showed up right at the 9 pm kick-off to get as much whiskey in as they could.

The event certainly felt like the Playmate’s club-like description: a 21st Century version of  Night at the Roxbury.

In a Steve-and-Doug-like fashion, two overly confident men finagled some space on the dance floor to show off some swanky solo moves. Circles of dancing women slowly shuffled away.

Most of these female party-goers donned too tight, too short little black dresses, and the men collectively bought out the city’s hair-gel supply. Intermingled among the guests were Dallas models hired to play bunnies for the night. (Don’t tell my boyfriend that the picture I sent to him wasn’t of actual Playmates.)


DJ Reach, a notable New York mix-master, played a seamless blend of recent Billboard hits with dance-beat background, stimulating the girl-on-girl grinding for the seemingly older men to ogle. Reach is the go-to guy for the likes of Madonna, Jay-Z, and Carson Daily.

The real Playmates, Edmondson and Anderson, charmed guests by posing for endless photos and managed to handle their job with professionalism and class, if you can believe it. Edmondson, 32, is a full-time bunny, and Anderson, 31, is the CEO of Anderson Entertainment, Inc. and founder of a chain of tanning salons in Gainesville, Florida.–Kelsy McCraw


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