Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: April 6

My dad and I are both somewhat terrible Italians: we hate fish. However, I realize that some people do actually enjoy seafood – my poor deprived mother being one. And so in light of the nice patio weather, I bring you today’s decidedly fishy offering.

TJ’s Seafood Market is winding down their series of free grilling demos, and tonight’s is a little more special because it involves wine and a cozy location. Show up at the Veritas Wine Room after work to learn how to cook shrimp skewers, Atlantic salmon, and crab cake-stuffed trout on the barbie. When I spoke with the chef at TJ’s, he told me that most people who come in seem intimidated by the idea of grilling seafood. Since the market basically does everything but cook the fish for you, they’re trying to help with a sort of “beginner’s crash course” in grill maintenance, marinades, and temperature. He’ll use a grill pretty much like one you’d have at home, so you should be good to go for the inevitable onslaught of backyard barbecues.

Winding down your evening, I’d stick around Veritas for some local cheese (their selection is pretty incredible) and a half-price glass of vino. For a more substantial dinner, Neighborhood Services is my go-to down the street.

If fish isn’t your thing, feel free to email me so we can commiserate. You can also find more things to do tonight, including a Books concert over at the Modern in Fort Worth, right here.