Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: April 27

Why do oddball things always happen on Wednesday? For example, the White House released Obama’s birth certificate. Guess what it says. After the absurd amount of time devoted to this fake controversy, I hope no one begrudges the president a good giggle.

Moving on. I love the idea of this Living Plaza installation at City Hall. Yes, this will consume your lunch break, because the whole thing will be gone by 4pm. But so worth it if you’re at all interested in Dallas history and/or cool things. About a month and a half ago, the folks at Better Block and Dallas CityDesign Studio (housed within City Hall) decided to put on a one-day-only fest inspired by the suggestions urbanist William Whyte gave to the Dallas City Council in 1983 to turn what he deemed 5.2 acres of wasteland into a usable public space. Today, the plaza gets a taste of what might have been, and what Arturo Del Castillo, an urban designer with Dallas CityDesign who helped coordinate the event, hopes might happen in the future.

The two organizations have imported trees and shrubs, about a hundred movable chairs and tables, and a tasty spread of barbecue sandwiches, tamales, and crepes (yum). A local band will play all afternoon, and two model boat clubs will take over the pond. Del Castillo says the installation is a test case, a way of attracting attention to what the plaza could look like if people actually used it. I say go forth, grab lunch, and be part of the experiment.

As for tonight, returning to my earlier point about weird things on Wednesdays, Charlie Sheen has actually not managed to sell out the AAC for tonight’s…performance? Manifestation of wizardry? I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen, but it might be good for a laugh. Should you feel like helping out a poor broke guy who’s clearly just down on his luck, you can still purchase tickets for the low, low price of $61.95. Or, you could check out Horton Foote’s trifecta of one act plays at the Kitchen Dog Theatre. The series closes in two days, so opportunities to see this pretty excellent production are limited. Then, I’d go for a post-play slice of pie at Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery around the corner.

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