• B. L. Powell

    Wow. Only by God’s grace did he escape major injury or death. Far be it for me to lecture about distracted driving, but I’ll definitely think twice next time.

  • CDD

    I’m amazed there aren’t more wrecks like this on the Tollway everyday. In the afternoons you come around a curve at a normal speed (seems to happen most often exactly where this crash occurred on the northern section) only to come up on standstill traffic. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was going to get hit (or hit someone else) trying to slow down in time. Glad this guy lived to see another day. Scary.

  • Ramon

    Cell phone or texting?

  • James

    It’s good to see how many people jumped out of their cars and rushed to assist him… Oh wait, they didn’t!

  • Bill

    Since when is losing your spleen, fracturing a rib and 4 vertebrae a minor injury?

  • So the driver had no license and no insurance and yet wasn’t arrested?

  • Grumpy Demo

    What the, . . ? “The driver of the car that hit him, he says, had no driver’s license and no insurance. He received multiple citations, including one for failure to control his vehicle’s speed, but he wasn’t arrested.” Dallas the city with no traffic law enforcement. It’s a rare drive from downtown to High Five in which I don’t witness at least on act of reckless driving.

  • Dubious Brother

    The guy on the cycle is better off with the driver having no insurance instead of Farmers Insurance. At least his own insurance company will pay.

  • Julie

    James, it’s been proven time and again…jumping out of your car onto a freeway to help someone is asking to get hit and killed.