Leading Off (3/15/11)

Kids Are Annoying. What with their laughing, breathing, talking, and playing, kids can really be quite obnoxious. And if you’re planning on having a kid, such as Abbey and Peter Ure did, then you really shouldn’t buy a condo on the second floor because that annoying kid may just cause noise that your downstairs neighbor doesn’t like. I mean, really. (Please realize I’m being facetious. Mostly. Sometimes kids really can be annoying.)

Businesses in Tunnels May Be Asked To Move Up.
A proposed plan asks that businesses currently located in the downtown tunnel system move up to street level in three to five years. I’m not a fan of the tunnel system. In the six months we’ve lived downtown, my husband has only been in the tunnels once. He doesn’t work downtown, and the system shuts down by the time downtown residents get home. They hide people away, and some say they’ve contributed to downtown’s lack of street-level retail. So I’m for this plan. And, if you don’t agree, watch this video.

Kanakuk Kamp Lawsuit Filed. As Merritt Patterson over on our sister blog, Park Cities People, mentioned on Friday, a lawsuit has been filed by the victims of former Kanakuk Kamp staffer Pete Newman. Newman is currently serving two consecutive life sentence plus 30 years. The suit says camp officials should have “had every reason” to known that Newman was a sexual predator.

Live Cockroaches Star in Billboard. I hate cockroaches. And I’m pretty sure Texas has some of the biggest cockroaches around. (I don’t know that for certain. I’m just guessing.) But when I heard about the cockroaches who were going to be in a billboard at Mockingbird Station, I was almost tempted to go check it out. Then I realized that would be an awful idea because I can barely stand the sight of one, let alone 5,000. If you did go see the billboard, good for you. And if you’re concerned about the safety of the cockroaches, don’t be. They got shade breaks.


  • Liz Landry

    I’m not trying to be a grinch or anything, but I live downstairs beneath the heaviest walker known to human kind. Like, if I hadn’t seen him, I would think he weighed 500 pounds. So, I can sympathize with the downstairs neighbor because I can imagine the noise that an active toddler must cause. THis is one of those situations where neither side is right, and neither is wrong. THey should keep their child quiet, the neighbor should compromise on some times during the day that noise would be tolerated, and they both should evaluate what type of community this is and whether it is really a good fit.

  • Luzer

    I just don’t believe that the tunnels are the reason why downtown is somewhat lifeless after 5PM. There are other cities with tunnels that still have street life. Could it just be the sprawl and folks wanting to spend time with their families closer to their communities? There are a lot of shopping,entertainment, and all around family outing options in the DFW area and I just don’t see how this is going to make that big of difference…but i’m also a nincompoop!

  • BrandonS

    I don’t think the tunnels should be to blame for Sanger Harris & Tiche’s demise in DD. Tiche’s closed their downtown store in 1987 (after the Dillard’s merger). Sanger Harris closed their downtown store in 1990 (after the Foley’s merger). I’d have to think the big bust of the 80s should feel most of the heat. With that said, I think it’s obvious the tunnels were a failure in urban planning, albeit a noble experiment. Take away all the connections and I still think there is nothing wrong with underground retail (especially restaurants like Dakota’s).

  • Long Memory

    I think the Ures should contract with the veteran in the complex and see if he’ll help them reach a compromise with the “neighbor.” I put that in quotes because I’m not certain how neighborly a man can be who will sic the HOA on a toddler but refuse to talk with the parents. Seems like the perfect guy for an ambush TV crew to accost.