DA Candidate Danny Clancy Gets His Wheels Boosted

From Dallas County GOP chair Jonathan Neerman:

Earlier this morning, Danny walked out of his house to find his car on blocks with the tires stolen. Also, in the last two weeks, his wife’s tires have been slashed twice at a local government building. These four attacks on the Clancy family seem terribly suspicious with an election in less than 30 days.

And the photo, which does make you wonder, given that it appears Clancy parks his ride behind a gate. Not exactly the most prime target for ordinary thieves. Then again, the PR he’ll get from this — “I’m running for DA because because I’m sick of having my car tires stolen!” — will be worth whatever the tires cost.



  • smithdew

    I just want to know where this Dallas Country is. It sounds like a good place to live. Maybe the property taxes are more reasonable in Dallas Country?

  • Bill7

    Celeste has gone rogue

  • DoubleTee

    If DCAD and Google Maps are to be believed, it would appear that he lives right behind Jesuit. And it doesn’t appear that his driveway is gated…it’s just the way the picture looks.

  • WB

    guess you can be bold like that when you don’t have to be worried about being prosecuted!

  • “Law & Order – SUV”

  • Seems like the noise would have brought this to the attention of a family member. It is so quiet in Dallas Country.

  • Tey

    DMBurrows…you owe me a new Dr. Pepper and a monitor!

  • Dave

    What’s suspicious is the blocks. Unless a superhero first lifted the SUV then placed it on blocks to remove the wheels, someone used a jack. Anyone’s who’s changed a tire knows you don’t need a block. You only need a block if you care whether your rims are damaged after you’ve removed the wheel and lowered the car back down. Maybe Clancy lives in a neighborhood with preferred car theft, where the thieves take extra care to protect your rims.

  • Dirt Monkey

    Friend of mine came outside about two months ago and his brand new truck was on very similar looking bricks. And parked in a very similar setup (i.e., back alley). Wonder where this …

  • Droopydave

    @Dave – I don’t see what is suspicious about the blocks. There was a rash of gold rims being stolen a few years back and all the pictures on the news showed cars/trucks being left on blocks. Seems to be the thieves MO…

  • Randy

    I saw a pick-up on blocks in Richardson a few weeks ago, very early in the morning. It was parked in a rear driveway and the owner and a police officer were looking at it. It leads me to believe that thieves do indeed prefer to leave the vehicles on blocks.

  • Buckeye

    It’s faster and easier to remove the jack if you put the car down on blocks.

  • JonnyDallas

    Why are there blocks under the frame? Who steals someones rims, and is kind enough to carefully leave the vehicle on blocks? If I was going to steal your rims, I would not give a sh*t about leaving your vehicle off the ground so it would be easy to replace the wheels. I would be all, ‘Ef this guy, he can get someone to pick the car up off the ground for him. I’m not BOTHERING with putting it on blocks’

    So…the thieves were thoughtful enough to bring blocks with them, blocks that just happen to match, a floor jack and a lug wrench.

    At the home of a person who is running for DA, and the theme of his campaign is that he is a bad ass crime fighting prosecutor.

    So…the people who did this were slick enough to break into the gate without being noticed, get the truck jacked up off the ground, got the wheels off, then carefully place a paver block not under the axle or frame, but directly under the wheel hub. Then get into the get-away truck (it had to be a truck in order to carry four wheels, a jack, a tire iron, and at least two people), and then get away un-noticed.

    And all this for the wheels off of a Ford. Probably factory wheels. If Clancy is buying 20 inch custom rims for his ride, well…thats not very like a public servant, IMO.

    Is there really enough of a black market for stock Ford wheels to make this plausible? Who would go to all this trouble, to steal stock wheels, from a guy who will BUST your ass hard if you get caught.

    Something is stinky with this deal.

  • B. L. Powell

    Any idea why the photo is upside down? http://yfrog.com/nefqabj

  • Bethany Anderson

    Every single car stolen in our neighborhood (or found in an alley in our neighborhood) in the past 3 years has been on blocks. When you have a car like Clancy’s it’s nearly an occupational hazard – those wheels are worth a lot.

  • Doug

    “Anyone’s who’s changed a tire knows you don’t need a block. You only need a block if you care whether your rims are damaged after you’ve removed the wheel and lowered the car back down.”

    Unless you brought four jacks and plan on leaving them under each support spot after you’ve removed the tire, you’re going to need blocks, too much of a hassle to get the jack out from underneath a car with rims on the ground.

  • Doug

    Oops, that should have been “rotor” on the ground, not rim.

  • Bill

    The thieves use rolling jacks. They also use paver stones from either your yard or a neighbors yard. Looks like those are Pavestones and I would bet that the neighbor is missing a few. The crooks scope out your house in advance and have all the wheels stolen in only a few minutes.

  • Marcus

    This happened to a friend of mine night before last, same set up with the blocks.

  • Eastside

    Watkins looks ridiculous if he is behind this and I doubt he wants that kind of attention. I can’t imagine that Clancy would want to do this to his own car just to get press and have people automatically think that Watkins did it. But we all know what politicians will do.

    Either one side is stupid and petty or it’s a coincidence.

  • Dr. Know

    There have been many, many similar instances of theft in and around Mr. Clancy’s neighborhood for several months. Ask any resident in the area if they know of someone who has had their rims, mirrors or entire vehicle stolen in the past four months, and I guarantee you’ll get more “yes” than “no” answers. Wake up Dallas PD, there’s a theft ring operating in this neighborhood!

  • JB

    If prehistoric physics are sound, a round object would still roll and a squarish object would not, no matter what material its made of. Using the oldest know machine, (lever, or in this case a jack) I would think the thief would want to avoid self injury when using the jack and prefer the “brick method.” Jesuit, if I remember is near 635 and the tollway, so unless the thief used a NASCAR style pneumatic gun to remove the lug-nuts, the sound during the removal process may have been blocked by “white noise.” And given the neighborhood, “This gives another meaning to the term, ‘white noise'”, says David Caruso as he removes his sunglasses. …Cue “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who-CSI:Dallas

  • D

    That gate is clearly across the alley for another house.

    Seems like those who think the blocks mean a setup aren’t listening to evidence of similar incidents.

    This AND the tire slashing incident does sound suspicious, however.

  • @ Tey As long as just the Dr. Pepper is new, and not the monitor, then yeah, I can swing that.

  • Tom

    You can’t steal the wheels from the Pontiac of Justice. But you can crash it into a house.

  • @Dr. Know — what’s the ‘hood?

  • Never mind, found it. This is why most North Dallas neighborhoods hire private police patrol.

  • JS

    @Candy, NW of Inwood and Forest (right behind jesuit, to the north of hockaday and lamplighter)

  • LakeWWWooder

    It takes many rims to buy a good tuxedo.

  • BrandonS

    Perhaps stealing tires+rims = Larceny, but damaging the wheels while you’re at it = Grand Theft?

  • Daniel

    His kids cried on the way to school and it was all Craig Watkin’s fault.

  • Daniel


  • tim

    More like coincidence. Friend of mine living near Mi Cocina at Preston and Forest had this happen last year. They took his third seat as well.

  • A.D.

    Daniel: Watkins’s

  • Daniel

    A man’s child cries, and you pop glib on matters of usage? These are real people who have been victimized by a real crime*, A.D., and they may very well be reading your callous jibes. (And you’re wrong, according to my ’08 stylebook.)

    * Likely as not.

  • Daniel


  • Eric Celeste

    Bill7 = dead man

  • RJ

    Why would anyone send their kids to schools (Jesuit, Hockaday, Lamplighter, ESD) in such a bad neighborhood?