What to Do in Dallas Tonight: Aug. 11

Remember when Cyndi Lauper’s video for  “Time After Time” debuted on MTV? Remember her awesome orange hair that looked like a latticed pie crust on one side? And her awesome plaid hat? And the awesome silver trailer out in the middle of the woods? Man oh man. Those were the glory days of music television, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, you have the chance to relive your youth with Lauper and Pals at House of Blues. Listen for old favorites as well as blues-inspired music from her latest album, appropriately titled Memphis Blues.

You may be asking yourself, “But what will I wear?” Well, check this out. Torn jeans? Vests? Dramatic blouses? I smell the ’80s. The stars have truly aligned for us today, friends. Make sure you buy a second outfit for tomorrow, too.

When you’re not shopping, rocking, and rolling, you should be working on your submission for the Texture of Dallas video contest. Show the world how brilliant and talented you are, and get the chance to win passes to the Dallas Video Festival. Your deadline is Aug. 31, so get cracking.

Just wanna have fun some other way? Find other things to do in Dallas.


  • Gavin

    You could come to The Granada for the 6th Anniv. party featuring Built to Spill & Telegraph Canyon. Doors at 7. I mean if you aren’t stuck only going out in uptown.