LIVE Words With Friends Tournament Semifinals From Inside D Magazine Headquarters

UPDATE: Click over here to watch the final match.

Beginning at about 7 p.m. tonight you’ll be able to follow the live video streams of the two semifinal matches of the D Magazine Words With Friends Tournament right here. These games will be played simultaneously, so it promises to be an evening of nonstop action, inasmuch as placing tiles on a game board constitutes action. (And follow along with our live blog commentary here.)

The format for both our semifinals and our finals are speed matches in which the players each get one minute per turn, plus the option to take one three-minute turn at any point in the game that they choose.


In our first game, musician Rhett Miller of the Old 97s takes on sports agent Trennis Jones.

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In our other semifinal, local businessman and nationally ranked Scrabble player Chris Cree faces off against WFAA promotions manager Rich Goff.

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