D Empire Launches New Monthly: A Magazine

It’s with great pride that we announce today A Magazine (pronounced “ay magazine”), a new monthly focused on the greatness that is Arlington. For some time now, we’ve been looking to extend the D brand in North Texas. The more we thought about it, the more Arlington presented itself as an ideal market for an upscale monthly lifestyle magazine. When Joel Kotkin was in town recently, he said something that confirmed our strategy. At a breakfast talk in our offices, he said, “People on the East Coast deride a place like Arlington for its sprawl and for its dubious distinction of being the largest city in America without a public transportation system. But Arlington is the super-city of the future. You can’t argue with demographic trends.” It’s true. Couple those demographic trends with a civic leadership that can get something like Cowboys Stadium built, and you’ve got an engine for awesomeness. And for football.

Speaking of Cowboys Stadium, picking our cover boy for the premiere issue wasn’t a difficult task. Thank you to Mayor Cluck for keeping this project under wraps for the past two months. A Magazine hits newsstands today. We’d love to hear your feedback.



  • A-Town Hater

    I hope this stupid rag fails. D Magazine is for rich snobs. We don’t need that kind of yellow journalism in Arlington. I’ve lived here for 20 years. Arlington is a great city.

  • Randolf

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m running out to buy my copy right now. I live in Arlington and I’m sick of hearing people who don’t live here tell me that my town is nothing more than a parking lot for baseball/football/theme park fans. Baloney! There are great people here, wonderful schools, delicious restaurants, and lovely neighborhoods in addition to those parking lots. So get a clue, people. Arlington is awesome. Yay for “A” magazine.

  • Fake Nolan Ryan

    And I’m looking forward to having a weekly column on snow monkeys.

  • Are you friggin’ serious?! 14 years ago when I was working for D and living in Arlington I’d’ve jumped on this project. I’m just wondering if you trotted out the famous Richard Greene quote “We’re nobody’s damn suburb….”

  • JS

    @A-Town Hater, I find it interesting that you deride D on D’s blog, which you obviously read. I guess you must be a yellow-journalism loving rich snob.

    BTW, I don’t live in Dallas but in another city that contributes to DART — if it was up to me, I would put toll booths on I-30 and charge every single Arlington resident as they got to the city limits of Dallas, Irving, etc.

  • Wake me up when “O” Magazine (“Ovilla”, not “Oprah”) hits the stands.

  • Hannah

    And the DMN tried out a Arlington edition. Didn’t work. Suspect this won’t either.

  • I for one would love to know how the Applebee’s in Arlington stacks up with the other 42 in the Dallas area. Kudos to A Magazine for really going rogue for their first issue.

  • Mike

    D Magazine seems to have at least six stories on their cover. A Magazine only has two. What’s up with that. No update on Six Flags or on parking around the stadiums. Need to add some beef to the magazine otherwise people won’t be able to use A Magazine to wipe when they go on camping trips.

  • Peterk

    will the A mags blog be called the BackBurner?

  • Bethany Anderson

    I may get in trouble for telling you all this, but I’m writing next month’s cover story: Why Sportscasters Will Never Say Cowboy’s Stadium is in Arlington.

  • Chris Chris

    How about a magazine devoted to urbanites in Fort Worth? You could call it F U.

  • Brandon

    Terrible idea. Way to dilute the brand…

  • I’m looking forward to having something new to read while stuck in traffic in Arlington.

  • Former Arlington Resident

    A super-city of the future? You clearly haven’t noticed the immense poverty, numerous gangs and tremendous crime that exist in the city, not to mention the many restaurants/shops that have closed in North Arlington.

  • Brad

    A Magazine will be an interesting read.
    People don’t know how great the burbs are.
    I’m serious.
    Let me explain:

    For some time, I’ve thought of moving there.
    Other times I haven’t.
    Oh, I don’t know.
    Let’s think about this.
    Stay thirsty my friends.

  • Eric Celeste

    As Editor, I would like to say I hear your words, I’m writing them down with my fingers, and I will address them in our pages.

    Also: the Tacos La Jolla at Mijos on Park Row are the bomb diggety!

  • Yes, I overlooked that detail. Eric Celeste is the editor of A Magazine (we’re calling it “The Long A” around the office). He will still report to me, but the vision for this project is all his. Congrats, Eric, on a wonderful first issue. Your editor’s note about how you really do go to Hooters for the wings (skinless, of course, because you’re always counting those calories) still has me chuckling.

  • KC

    I’d like to write a hard-hitting dining review of Whataburger. A pays $3/word, right?

  • Courtney

    Arlington? Really? Ew.

    And I’m allowed to hate, I grew up there and peaced the second I graduated high school.

    Why not focus on improving/saving your original magazine before launching a new one devoted to the grossest, most backward area in North Texas?

    Oh and I’ll save you guys the time: the Crapplebee’s in Arlington is just as skanky and risky as it is everywhere else.

  • I just executed a perfect spit-take whilst chugging my morning Cactus Juice.

  • rtlm

    The Mayor must be loving this comment thread.

  • Jordan

    Naturally Tim overlooked mentioning Eric Celeste is the editor of A. It has nothing to do with him, so who cares?

    But thank you for keeping us clear on him reporting to you.

  • North Resident

    Great. Now, does that mean that Arlington will start to see more upscale development…particularly on the north side?I’m skeptical…Arlington is seemingly concerned with filling up space with whatever presents itself first: pawn shops, nail salons, convenience stores and Sonic.

  • I hope I get to cover all the real estate for this new magazine and yes, North Resident, I hear some very upscale new developments are on the way. Grade A for Arlington! Y’all stay tuned…

  • Dallas expat in MT

    It’ll be a twofer for Mayor Cluck. Profiled as the manliest Mayor in issue #1 and making the list of best doctors in Arlington in issue #2, narrowly defeating the doctors Jim Adler has on retainer.

  • LakeWWWooder

    Anticipating flourishing reviews on Glory Park..

  • mhigbe

    I couldn’t agree more with Brad’s comment. Brad, you’re a genius.

  • Wes Mantooth

    Is this really the best you could do, Tim? Why not a hard-hitting expose on why the PETA folks hate the people from Canadaland?

  • Darren

    Love it!

  • Jojo

    I was going to go catch the bus to find a copy, but I can’t find a bus.

  • Okay, people. Please stop e-mailing me, saying, “Hey! Why are you deleting my comments? I know this is an April Fool’s joke.” Yes, it’s an April Fool’s Day joke.

    Thanks to David Radabaugh for designing our A Magazine cover. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with funny comments that we had to delete because they would have given away the joke too early. We had to delete a lot of comments.

    And to the city of Arlington: we love you. Just not in that way.

  • Bill Marvel

    A couple of your bloggers seem to be suffering from Humor Atrophy Syndrome (HAS), a precipitous de-evolution of that part of the brain that “gets” jokes, pranks, put-ons, irony, and so forth. Fortunately, UT Southwestern has done some pioneering research in this area and has several promising HAS studies underway. I know they’re always looking for volunteers for tests and drug trials. I suggest some of you — and you know who you are (or, then again, maybe you don’t) — sign up.

  • A FBvian who works in PR sent me the following note: “I just wanted to say thank you for starting my April Fool’s Day off with a good laugh! My senior vice president e-mailed [our various offices] telling us to put A Magazine on our media lists, and the other junior staffers and I nearly died. Can’t wait to read the riveting reviews on Hooters and Red Lobster.”

  • Ron Washington

    If you would like to get my vote for Arlingtons best coke dealer, come by my lean-to under the Nolan Ryan Creek bridge in between the ballpark and Dr. Pepper park. If my shopping cart is beside it, Im home. Dont swim in the creek, Nolan trained the snow monkeys to run a trout line through it.

  • Bethany Anderson

    Tim, I think it needed to on a little longer. We could’ve made Poynter.

  • Andrew

    At least “A Magazine” won’t have a section on city council corruption, school board incompetence, school district corruption, exploding city budget shortfalls, underfunded and never finished public works projects, and assorted strife between elected officials.

    That section is a BIG one in “D Magazine.”

    Love ya! 😉

  • Bethany Anderson

    Yes yes…all of those things are peculiar to Dallas.

  • George Bailey

    Dang! I was looking forward to reading: “A-HOLES (Arlington’s Best Watering Holes)”

  • Dubious Brother

    The cover designer missed the white background with the Scarlet Letter.

  • cp

    Bill, a bunch of people “got” the joke. Just Tim wouldn’t post their comments.

  • Southlllaker

    Whew! I am just glad you picked Arlington as the butt of the joke, instead of Southlake like I would have expected!

  • Lucky2behere

    Happy April’s Fool Day. Thank you D for celebrating this holiday that is too overlooked these days. I remember when WFAA ran a story that they were going to turn Central Expressway into a canal and have marinas at certain points so everyone could drive their boats to work.