Leading Off (12/21/2009)

1. Do you like golf? How about alcohol? Are you a good manager? Do you appreciate rubbing shoulders with city officials? Would you like to own stuff with them? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, you should talk to Ronny Glanton about how to become him. He’s one of the owners of Sherrill Park Municipal Golf Club, friend to many City Council folks, golf pro, and president of Ronny Glanton Inc., which is responsible for alcohol sales at the club. Critics say there’s a lot of funny business going on at that place. I say, there’s nothing funny about earning $300K. Or maybe there is. Ask Glanton. 

2. Who knew Rockwall County was such a hotbed for political discourse? Okay, maybe a lot of people know that. The DMN says it has some of the “most ardent Tea Party patriots” in the area. (What does that mean, exactly? They listen the hardest to Glenn Beck? But I digress.) Local businessman Ken Sterling has his own way of furthering the conversation about what’s going on in Washington–he’s now offering a Nobel Peace Prize free with any oil change. Auto center manager Cliff Payne  has the best quote of the day: “People over 35 notice it more than younger people. I think they understand it better.”

3. Sometimes you’re at a moral crossroads. You don’t know if you should open a golf club with some of your pals from City Council and fudge the rules on selling booze. Maybe you want to get an oil change at a certain place–the price is really, really good–but you’re not old enough to really appreciate the political satire happening in the establishment. Life is hard. You know who can help? WFAA Channel 8’s John McCaa. It makes me happy.