Scenes From the Arts District

Left to right: 1. The monks finished their mandala today. A week of arranging all that sand — and then they dump it in Turtle Creek. Let’s hope the prayer works. 2. These guys were called Zero Gravity, I think. Some very serious trampoline work. 3. My daughter was more impressed with the ballet. 4. As predicted, the reflecting pond in front of the Winspear is VERY popular with the kiddos. 5. I’ve got one gripe: they didn’t think through the food thing. There’s one place to buy it. The line is long. The food is expensive. I wound up instead getting a cup o’ corn from one of the street vendors by the Cathedral. And guess what store decided to stay closed today? Yup, the 7-Eleven at One Arts. Oh, and one more thing: If you’re going to have 30,000 or so people down to the Arts District, they might need to pee. Or worse. Portable bathrooms were not in abundance, and the one I did find was a disaster. 6. People who need to pee. 7. The line to tour the Wyly is about 500 people deep. They will all be assimilated.


  • Dallas Dysfunction

    I spent a full hour and a half waiting in line to tour the Wyly only to get a tour of the lobby and the performing space. All of which lasted about 10 minutes. Truly disappointed.

  • allison

    I bought food at the DMA. Somebody clearly did not think things through. One person working one register. Why not both? Why only one person? One person doling out the food. This same person was cleaning all the tables, which meant they were cleaned once an hour. I waited in line for one hour just to place my order only to be told they were out of the quiche and salad. Ok, so I’ll take the beef sandwich. Out. Ok, chicken tortilla soup. Out. Ok, what do you actually have. Burger? I’ll take two burgers. Only to get to my table and be told…OOPS! We don’t make burgers on Sunday. Ok, I’ll take the pork sandwich. They came back five minutes later to tell me they were out of the pork. Chicken salad, it is! 45 minutes later I had to ask for my two sandwiches.

    I mentioned my displeasure at the front desk and received two free admission tickets. Except I am a member. I have a pretty hefty membership, in fact. I already get in free. Was told to give them to someone else.

    Did it not occur to anyone at the DMA that there might be a few people showing up today? Maybe staff more than 2 people at the Atrium Cafe? Maybe have extra food on hand? Sorry to say but my meal was the norm. The lady working the register didn’t even know that the museum was free today. Clearly the need for food was something the organizers overlooked.

    Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. No parking problems (parked at the DMA). Toured the Winspear on my own- can’t wait to see a performace there. Missed the Wyly because of the line… but it looked good! Nasher exhibit was interesting and packed. The Crow had a great crowd. Nice to see people enjoying the arts in Dallas on an absolutely beautiful day. Woodall Park would have been the icing on the cake.

  • We were about to suffer a similar fate at the DMA till we thought of the trolley and McKinney Ave. The trolley was PACKED. We had to leave passengers at the Fairmount because the car was packed to capacity. We are now perched on the patio at the Idle Rich, awaiting our burgers, drinking cold beer.

    The scene today in the Arts District was great. But the venues were overwhelmed by the turnout. We are headed back for fireworks, which I expect will be a madhouse. But by then I’ll have a belly full of meat and Stella. No worries.

  • Martin

    We went, too, and were lucky enough to be in the first tour group for the Wylie. I though both venues were great, but the tour disappointed A LOT!
    As for the food and the strange decision to leave the 7-11 closed, I completely agree.
    We tried the wine bar next door to 7-11 and after nobody paid any attention to us for 10 minutes, I grabbed a waiter to even find out if we seat ourselves or what. Nope, we have to get on a list and wait 30 minutes (the place was EMPTY), so we decided to get out of the area altogether and eat somewhere else. Their loss.

    Still, I think the new arts district wil be a full success.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    I really liked to see Dallas citizens claiming ownership of the Arts District today. Folks seemed happy and proud. I know I was. And I was absolutely blown away by the Dallas Black Dance Theatre’s short performance at the Winspear. People need to know more about that company.

  • Martin

    We got to see some performers from the Booker T. Washington school. Extremely impressive!
    Definitely something Dallas can be proud of.

  • What I found more inexplicable than the closed 7-Eleven was the decision to not open up Booker T. Washington High School for public tours. Sneaking a peek at my renovated alma mater was one of the main reasons I trekked into that sea of humanity yesterday. But I was turned away at the door, just like the last time I tried to get in there:

  • Jorge

    It was truly a proud moment for Dallas. And I was happy that while the wait at Jorge’s was an hour, I was able to tour the Winspear and get back in time for my table to be ready.

    But what was up with 7-Eleven being closed? Are they insane?

  • Anne

    Went to Jorge’s also. The guy who coordinates the kitchen didn’t show up because he got a better job, thus the delay. But it was food. As for bathrooms, had no trouble at the Winspear and the Crow Collection. It was a glorious day. But I do think some of the people at the venues were a tad overwhelmed.