Potential New Morning Show Crush: Good Day‘s Fiona Gorostiza

fiona-fox4 I don’t often get to watch local morning shows for a variety of reasons, mostly revolving around sleep and my son’s dictatorial control of the remote. But I have tried to change my routine slightly. For one thing, my pal Rob McCollum is now a co-host for Channel 8’s Good Morning Texas. For another, I’ve discovered the secret weapon of Fox 4’s Good Day program: Fiona Gorostiza. Nominally, she is a fill-in meteorologist, taking over when Evan Andrews is off doing whatever. But she also has her own segment, “Fun with Fiona,” which is what I caught today at the gym. Good times. A quick scouting report:

– Grew up in the Philipines.
– Served as a producer for Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.
– Has a third-degree black belt in taekwondo, and holds three world titles.


  • Ken

    Fiona is a true breath of fresh air. She does a great job and it shows that she LOVES what she does.

    She reminds me of girls from high school who were smart and attractive, but never stuck up about it and would actual talk and interact with us plain folk (guys).

  • JS

    I was in until that last bit of info — now I am just scared.

  • cheryl

    She’s the best. I had hoped she’d get Megan’s job. She has a lot of talent and won’t stay here long!

  • Neither party

    She kinda reminds me of someone that would play Michael’s love interest in The Office….there goes my casting director instincts.

  • You know what I’d like to see? A cage match between Gorostiza and Przybyl.

  • Mike

    Fiona is great, they should have given her the anchor job instead of that terrible ‘blond’.

  • Sam

    Glad you all like her and all but I actually know a lot of FOX watchers that think she is obnoxious and tries too hard, and that “voice”??
    No one could replace Meghan. My wife (fashionista) often makes comments about her poor quality of dressing, harsh I know…We all know there are far more beautiful women here in Dallas than our local anchors..It is the mere fact that they are on the television screen that people are intrigued.
    We DO however watch FOX for Evan and enjoy him very much! Dan too. I was browsing upon Evan on the net when I came across this article actually..
    But anyhow, in the end, I wish her all the best…

  • okay, “SAM”

    hmmmmmm….the above comment sounds like a jealous gal trying to cover her tracks–I mean why explain *how* you came across the article…

  • Sam

    It sounds like an insecure grown woman cannot handle an opinion from a grown man. Wow, I didn’t know it was so hard to Google the name Evan Andrews.

  • John

    she is freakin hot. I saw some old videos of her on youtube. magically when she moved to Dallas, her boobs seemed to get a whole lot bigger!

  • Thomas Anderson

    Fiona Gorostiza should really listen to what Russ Martin on 97.1 the eagle is saying about her in the morning.

  • John Terrell

    @Thomas-lmao. I heard him earlier this week talking about her. He is fixated. as soon as I heard him talking I knew he was talking about her. He watches fox news every mornig now for her.

  • JIM


  • Vince Fuess

    Fiona is a LOVELY young lady with alot of spirit. While she’s extremely pretty, she doesn’t have the “textbook looks” of a TV news anchor, but what she does have is spirit and intelligence. I just love her- if I weren’t twice her age…

    She’s destined for greatness that the shallow Meghan Fox can”t touch.