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Leading Off (8/4/09)

By Eric Celeste |

1. It’s podcast time in the City Hall corruption trial. In yesterday’s episode, listeners heard tapes of former Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill telling a political consultant that he feared Hill’s appointee to the city plan commission, D’Angelo Lee, wasn’t being entirely ethical. “He’s a great brother,” Hill said of Lee, “but he’s moving really fast.” Not even sure I need a joke here. I’m just going to use that phrase at least five times today.

2. Fort Worth-based Radio Shack is rebranding itself as “The Shack.” Rejected names include but are not limited to “Love Shack,” “Shack Attack,” and “Your Local Provider of S-Video Cable.”

3. The McDonald’s at Parkland hospital will close this month, after many years of jokes about the fast-food chain being on the grounds of the hospital. A spokesman for the Parkland McD’s sounds a little defensive when he says:

“The McDonald’s at Parkland offers a variety of great-tasting, quality food choices in a number of serving sizes to fit many nutritional needs.”

On second thought, I’m going to say that at least five times today.