Local Blogger Goes On The Disabled List. Near-Term Blogging Doubtful And/Or Drug-Addled

Tomorrow morning, my right foot and I are headed to a local surgical center where an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle rehabilitation will operate to treat my recently diagnosed Lisfranc fracture. If you care to read on, read on.

How it happened: flag football. When: on the day of the SuperBowl. Specifically: during the SuperBowel, a big-game-day tradition that pits Dave Lane versus Manny Patel in a match more competitive than you’d imagine. I was on Manny’s team. It was early in the game, but already a key fourth-down conversion attempt by the bad guys. I jumped up to knock down a long pass from Dave, knowing that an interception would have been as good as a punt. It was a very smart and graceful play. The landing was not. I rolled my ankle forward and to the side. In retrospect, I think I felt a snap. Not wanting to be a wuss (as I was two years prior when I took a bad step and tweaked my knee; but not like last year, when I was voted MVP, thankyouverymuch), I kept playing. I limped along as best as I could, but then I rolled it again. That was it. (At least my team went on to win.)

After a couple of days of optimism and denial, I went to the aforementioned doctor. A weight-bearing X-Ray revealed a jacked-up foot. A Lisfranc fracture involves the ligaments on top of your foot, the ones that hold the metatarsals in place. Surgery is required to screw the bones back together and hope the ligaments heal. I’ll be in bed for the rest of the week or more, off my right foot for a month and a half, and then walking in a special boot for at least a month and a half after that, working my way to a tennis shoe for about four months or so–assuming all goes well. Doc says it takes about a year to get back to normal, even though my “normal” will never be the same again as it was before last Sunday.

I share this news with you to explain my future lack of blogging. But who knows, maybe I’ll blog while bed-ridden and on a Hydrocodone high. And maybe I’ll solve a crime, like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window. Or maybe I’ll just sleep for days on end.

I do not share this news in search of sympathy. If you’re going to feel sympathy for anyone, please feel compassion for my wife. She now has to take care of a baby all on her own and deal with all of the crying for no reason, frustrating fussiness, odd sleeping schedule, weird diet, and poopy pants. PLUS, she has to look after our seven-and-a-half-month-old child. (The timing of that last joke was off. I apologize. My swollen foot is depriving my brain from much-needed oxygen.)

Be careful out there, FrontBurnervians. And watch where you step.


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13 responses to “Local Blogger Goes On The Disabled List. Near-Term Blogging Doubtful And/Or Drug-Addled”

  1. Zac Crain says:

    Adam deserves your sympathy, sweet clean FBvians. When he took off his shoe last week and covered up his toenails, the top of his foot was so swollen it looked like the bottom, like his foot was on upside down. Just seeing that was enough to knock me out of work for the rest of the week.

  2. John M says:

    Future lack of blogging? I thought it was your foot, you need your foot to blog? Please, the hydrocodone will only improve the blogging. I expect many future posts from you in the next few days to remind me of this:


  3. Mike says:

    Does he have a “cankle” (calf and ankle are indistinguishable)?

  4. Davie Dave says:

    How will I waste my Friday’s without the sweet clean Adam??????

    Stay hard.

  5. Janet McGill says:

    Adam never complains, so when he mentioned this
    injury his father and I started cooking meals to take
    over and hope for a miraculous, painless and speedy recovery. My hunch is we’ll still see his blogs.

  6. 84692 says:

    Adam never complains?

  7. Grammar Police says:

    Has he considered getting a Monkey Foot?

  8. Chris Chris says:

    Dude, I did that playing basketball in college. Sucks although it did not keep me from double date that Saturday night. Score!

  9. VM says:

    I had a Trimalleolar Fracture in 97. It definitely does take a year before it feels “normal,” but if you are serious about your rehab you can get back your full range of motion. And after a week of heavy hydrocodone, you’ll know the real definition of stupid.

  10. Anon says:

    Sounds like the perfect time for you and Ashlie to buy a puppy…

  11. Brent D. says:

    Dude, it’s a sprained toe. Man-up…just walk it off.

    Are you sure that Faries didn’t just hurt your feelings?

  12. Peterk says:

    so can we now call him monkey foot?
    What effect will this have on the D publication empire’s health insurance plan/ Has Adam used up all the funds?

  13. Drug says:

    Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info