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18 responses to “Paul Burka Counters Right-Wing Attacks On Straus”

  1. Glenn Hunter says:

    Burka gives away the farm when he writes, “With [a single possible exception]…not one of these bills has anything to do with the problems facing the state. It is all about the social issues, period.” It’s interesting–and very instructive–that Burka sees no connection at all between state problems and family values. He and all the other “moderates” really need to get a clue.

  2. Tom says:

    Of course, Glenn. Family-values approved legislation, such as abstinence-only education for public schools, has been so successful.

  3. Mike says:

    Glenn is right. The post election meme has been that social conservatives (aka the oogedy boogedy crowd) are what cost Republicans the election. Of course, the people pushing this meme are conveniently ignoring the fact that John McCain was the exact type of candidate moderates wanted. In 2000, McCain ran against social conservatives and other than a half hearted attempt to get back in social conservatives good graces this time around, McCain ran a moderate campaign. McCain is also a strong supporter of illegal immigration and attacks Republicans more than Democrats. So what did all the moderate Republicans do when faced with a moderate Republican candidate? They voted for Obama.

    On a local level, Jonathan Neerman, the head of the Dallas GOP, is by all accounts a moderate who is anti-social conservative. In case anyone missed it, Jonathan Neerman and the moderate Dallas GOP is getting handily beat at the polls. Social conservatism and limited government go hand in hand, the problem is the moderates, not the social conservatives. Republicans need to re-learn the lesson that they can’t win being Democrat light and once again be a truly big tent party by standing up for the beliefs of social conservatives.

  4. Eric Celeste says:

    Post Election Meme is my new ska band.

  5. Mike says:

    Post Election Meme©

    The royalty checks should be rolling in any day now……

  6. Michael Bluth says:

    I’m not sure we read the same Paul Burka posts. I think he’s spot on. This is a very large state with 3 of the nation’s 10 largest cities and a wide array of needs not just for today, but for the future. I’m sorry, but a lot of those people down there (on both sides of the aisle) are just not up to the job of being legislators.

  7. Joe Sixpack says:

    What’s a “meme?” Is that a fancy word for an idea or opinion?

  8. Blake says:

    “Social conservatism and limited government go hand in hand”…


  9. J Paul says:


    McCain lost his “moderate” luster when he selected uber-social conservatie Sarah Palin as his VP nominee. Thank Gawd!!!

  10. The Haughtiest says:

    A Republican-officiating FrontBurnervian………….

    Is there any other kind?

  11. Mike says:

    J Paul,

    The only time McCain ever led in the polls was after he picked Palin.

  12. julie says:


    Sorry Mike–good try though. Moderate Repubs did not “vote for Obama” just because they were presented with McCain to vote for. If McCain had run 1)in any other economy, and 2)against almost any other Democrat, and 3)after any other Repub President, he could have won. I think moderate Repubs liked McCain just fine. They just liked Obama a little bit more. More moderate Repubs might also have voted for McCain if that vote was not attached to Sarah Palin. We had moderate Repubs–especially women–show up in droves at our Dem gatherings after the Palin pick. And yes, yes I know Palin draws crowds in the deep south. What I think is that those crowds were a minority compared to the people who were turned off by her.

    Polls show over and over and over that our country is socially moderate, or even just a tiny half-step to the left. They are pro-choice and anti-gay-marriage. The 2008 election showed this to us again.

    Repubs can drive themselves to the fringe right on their social platform…I hope they do. That’ll guarantee Democratic power for years, maybe decades.

    As for family values, my family values are that I’d rather see a kid in an orphanage adopted by 2 loving gay men or women than live in an orphanage or get shuttled around foster care. My family values say that children need to be taught sex ed in school so that they know what their bodies are capable of. So whose family values are you wanting legislated? I bet not mine.

  13. El Rey says:

    Social conservatives aka the “right-wing” of the Republican Party, has been eviscerating the party for years. The government (especially the federal gov’t) should stay away from social issues. If the Republicans would embrace fiscal conservatism, ethics, strong defense, and capitalism, and leave social issues to tear apart the numerous factions of the Democrat party, they would win almost every election.

    Disclaimer: GOP precinct chair in East Dallas (CD30, SD23, HD100, Council District 4)

  14. Brideget Nowhere says:

    Perhaps a start would be remembering that a reason exist for the separation of church and state. I know a lot of young people who agree with the Republican philosophy except for the fact they just seem like a group of angry old men and ladies.

  15. buck says:

    Social conservatives can deliver a strong 40 percent vote.

    But they can’t deliver 50 percent without some moderates.

    The biggest problem with social conservatives is that they are awful at governing (see: DeLay, Tom).

    Neither faction can win without the other. But social conservatives must quit firing missiles at every moderate who doesn’t fall in line.

  16. Mike says:

    Social conservatives were voting for McCain even after McCain’s attacks on them in 2000 because McCain would still be better on conservative principles like small government and low taxes than Obama, it was moderates who jumped ship to Obama because they wouldn’t vote for a social conservative like Palin. Moderates talk a lot about being tolerant and a big tent party, but when it came time to put that into practice they showed that talk was all it was.

  17. Tom says:

    Good news! We’re now up to No. 48 in teen pregnancy.

  18. Joe Sixpack says:

    The problem with social conservatives is that they’re not very social.