Poster Material For Next Week’s Cowboy Game

A beseeching FrontBurnervian asks the FB Nation:

I have the fortune to be going to the Green Bay Game next week with supposedly good 40 yardline seats at Lambeau. My portly friend and I are planning on wearing Cowboy Blue Jerseys to stand out best in the non-friendly crowd. I hope to not duplicate this high five incident (lots of beer permitting). However, I am looking at good ideas for a sign to hold up. The game is on NBC and the “Nobody But Cowboys” is kinda done. I was thinking maybe a “T.O is Hussein in the membrane, insane in the brain” sign or we were toying with wearing simulated cowpaddys on our heads and calling ourselves “The S***Heads” (probably won’t do) but am wondering if any FrontBurnvians have anything more clever. I’m sure they do. Any help?

I leave it to you, clever, clean commentors.


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25 responses to “Poster Material For Next Week’s Cowboy Game”

  1. Bill says:

    One guy dresses as gigantic Pac-Man

    Other as gigantic piece of rotten cheese

    Pac-Man eats cheese for whole game

  2. Katherine says:

    1. Dress like Jessica Simpson in Cowboy cheerleader outfit.

    2. One guy dresses like Jerry Jones and the other like a plastic surgeon. Pull back the skin on Jerry’s face every time the packers score.

    3. Dress like Rowdy or Stephen Jones. Same thing.

    4. Eat limburger cheese during the game. Watch the Packer fans disperse.

  3. PacMan Fever says:

    How about making it rain every time we score?

  4. Puddin'Tane says:

    Dress up as a couple of giant cheese curds and wear signs that read “Bite Me.”

  5. amandacobra says:

    Got Favre?

    (Slightly less biting considering the Jets 1-1 record)

  6. jrp says:

    do what bill said

  7. JS says:

    One word: Thongs

  8. MushMouth says:

    Not the best idea to wear Cowboys stuff unless you enjoy having urine poured on you… after the beat the crap out of you first.

  9. Tom says:

    Do you have an extra ticket? Maybe Josh Howard would want to visit “Green” Bay. Just don’t expect him to pay attention during the National Anthem.

  10. DGirl says:

    Katherine – funny stuff! Jerry was looking a little extra taught last night . . . did he have more work done?

  11. JB says:

    Thanks guys. I’m probably NOT going to do much costume stuff other than Jerseys as we want to travel light. A sign can easily be made once we are there. Keep in mind these are Packers fans and while just as die hard, they are not Philly fans. I’ve been told Lambeau is a more ‘family’ atmosphere and while I expect a heavy and even crude amount of provocative taunts from the home crowd, I’m 6’2” and can hold my own. However, I have no intent on getting thrown in Wisconsin Cheddar Jail or worse, sued. I’m just looking for good slogans and may use yours if I like it. I do think Bills’ idea is excellent though. I’ll post here Thursday, if I chose yours and you can look for it on TV (I hope).

  12. Jay says:

    I can see Canada from my house

    Help Me NBC- Nutin’ But Cheeseheads

    WWFD? What Would Favre Do?

    I See Cheeseheads

  13. Jay says:

    edit (better)

    I See Cheesehead People

  14. BCeleste says:

    How about keeping it simple with:

    Nefariously Beating Cheeseheads

    Notoriously Beating Cheeseheads

    Nimbly Beating Cheeseheads

  15. Josh Pearson says:

    Wait, I thought you said better…

  16. MIssing Dots says:

    Not Brett’s Cheese

    ‘Nother Barber Collision

    New(Next) Barbarian Conquest

  17. PacMan Fever says:

    Authentic Brett Favre Jersey – $90
    Madden 08 Brett Favre Edition – $60
    Watching your teams Bowl Chances take a private jet to New Jersey? – Priceless.


    “I buy used Favre Jerseys”

  18. MIssing Dots says:

    Sing along: “Romo to Terrell-O., the Pac-man ate the Cheese”

  19. Jay says:

    @ Josh

    Bike racks. 4:30pm.

  20. mm says:

    Go Cowboys!


  21. Spamboy says:

    How ’bout “Free Gordo!”

  22. gs1s says:

    Brett =
    Cowboys Win

  23. S.R.F.T.Q.G. says:

    Dots: if that tune is of the “hi-ho the dairy oh” song then that is very clever.

    I also like the Now Buying Champs but they haven’t won a playoff game in 12 years so that might be a bit premature.

    “No Brett = Cowboys win” doesn’t make sense since we beat the last year with Favre.

    Not that NBC does home games but if they did it could be Nothing But Cleavage.

  24. S.R.F.T.Q.G. says:

    To add to my previous comment a sign:

    Home game in Dallas:
    Nothing But Cleavage

    Road game in Lambeau:
    Nothing But Cows

  25. JB says: