Leading Off (9/10/08)

1. Some Dallas billionaires are stepping up to help build a new Parkland Memorial Hospital. Harold Simmons (and family) has pledged $50 million. Trevor Rees-Jones (and family) has pledged $25 million. But you, dear taxpayer, you’ll be asked in November to put up $747 million. Dallas is turning into a great place to get sick.

2. Jessica Simpson says to Philly: “We’re gonna kick your butts, too!” I look forward to seeing her strap it on and take the field.

3. Bite-size cake balls are a popular new treat with home cooks, bakeries. It’s true. Seriously. Look it up.


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14 responses to “Leading Off (9/10/08)”

  1. Nigel Tufnel says:

    “I look forward to seeing [Jessica Simpson] strap it on…”

    This is looking to be a banner day for mental images on FrontBurner.

  2. Josh Pearson says:

    ROJ, What does she have to do with this?

  3. Are you sure you can’t get in trouble for saying the phrase “strap it on” in the same sentence as Jessica Simpson?

    BTW those cake balls look extremely delicious!


  4. Jerral J says:

    Hey there little missy, don’t speak for us Cowboys. You’re bad ju-ju and a real embarrassment to our real classy organization.

  5. Spamboy says:

    I think the proper term is “Rocky Mountain cake oysters”.

  6. Puddin'Tane says:

    What about chocolate salty balls? Prolly more appropriate for the Dallas Cowboys.

  7. tony romeo says:

    interesting choice of words “strap it on”
    have you been peeking in my windows?

  8. Katherine says:

    Schweaty balls, anyone?

  9. amandacobra says:

    J. Simpson

    REC 1 YDS 2 AVG 2.0 LNG 2 TD 0 FUM 0 LST 0

    Not with those kind of numbers, you aren’t young lady!

    But seriously, STFU.

  10. El Rey says:

    1. I wonder if Dallas will ask Collin County to kick in a little, since they love to send indigent patients to Parkland. Stay rich and classy, Plano!

    2. So the rumors from Philly might be true about Tony being a bottom…

    3. I think they are actually called ‘petit fors’ in more polite circles. This is what happens when too many people watch the Food Network and start thinking they are ‘creative food artists’.

  11. Marci says:

    I[ve been reading a great site for months ever since seeing this chickie on Martha Stewart. Great recipes and all for cake pops.


    [email protected] Rey HAHAHHAHAHAHA at tony being a bottom. 🙂

  12. Spamboy says:

    @El Ray 3 = maybe D can put this in their potential DCooks mag.

  13. Jenny Childress says:

    Actually, Dallas *is* a great place to get sick, if you don’t have insurance. We don’t — and my husband has Stage IV testicular cancer. I can’t even begin to say what wonderful treatment he has received at Parkland, and he’s on his way to a full recovery. The nurses and doctors there are caring, talented … honestly, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. OK, the waits are a bit long. But we thank God every day for Parkland and the world-class care it provides this community — and not just those who are “indigent.”