Dallas Mavericks No Longer a Contending Team

At least that’s what Chad Ford at ESPN.com says. As much as I want to believe he’s wrong, he makes a pretty convincing case that the Mavs will have gone backward this off-sesaon, as Zac has said on this very blog. Ford’s lead paragraph speaks for itself:

Two seasons ago, the Mavericks were an elite team in the NBA and had the league’s best record. Coming into this season, the Mavs no longer look like a contender. In fact, there’s a chance they might not even be a playoff team in the wild, wild West.

For his reasons why, as well as other off-season winners and losers, go here.


  • Hey, remember the first two games of the Finals? Those were fun, right? Remember beating the Spurs in the playoffs and watching Ginobli get so frustrated he might cry? That felt good. Remember Dirk and Nash hugging it out after the Mavs advancing the Finals? That was pretty awesome.

    Yep, that’s all we have. Misty memories.

  • Incognizant

    Chicago: here he comes!

  • Lakewoody

    Those were good times Amanda…those were good times……tear.

  • Dave Thomas

    Years ago after the Rangers had been blown out of the playoffs for a 3rd time by the Yankees a friend of mine said something to the effect: “don’t worry, they’ll be back next year.” I told him at the time to remember these playoff game losses as the good times because we might never again see them in our lifetime.

    When the Mavs were making that crazy run in the playoffs and got to the finals I told that same friend to remember this because it could be the same kind of once-in-a-lifetime event. He listened. We watched the finals and enjoyed those first two games a lot. We noted how it felt to be up 2-0 because it could easily turn on us. It did.

    I would encourage you all to remember those times as the good times. It is doubtful the Mavs will see the finals again in the next 2 decades.

    The “maverick” qualities that allowed Mark Cuban to have the guts to make the moves to get this team to the finals a few years ago have also led to its downfall. My guess is that he won’t own the Mavs in a few years. He’ll turn his attention to the Cubs and decide he needs to focus on one thing. He’s moved on from that NBA finals dream. I think it’s time we do as well.