Chace Crawford Accosted By Hot Women

Yesterday evening, we had a small gathering at the Black Friar to wish a co-worker well in her future endeavors. And who should show up but hometown hunk (yes, I just typed that) Chace Crawford. Zac spotted him first. So one in our group was deputized to confirm his identity. She walks over to him with his IMDB profile displayed on a iPhone and says, “Hi, is this you?” Smooth, right? Crawford was sitting in a booth with two of his buddies. And the funny thing is, he denies being Chace Crawford. But we will not be denied. So a few minutes later, when another of our group arrives, she approaches him again and essentially says, “Stop lying to us and come outside so we can take your picture.” From all reports, Crawford was very nice. He said he was in town for his parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. So cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Crawford. And cheers to the D ladies for can-do spirit. (from left: Kristin Haun, who is leaving us for College Station; Laura Behl; Himself; Amy Jesionowski; and Kyle Kearbey)


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29 responses to “Chace Crawford Accosted By Hot Women”

  1. John M says:

    I won’t lie, he is pretty dreamy.

  2. Josh Pearson says:

    Pssshhhh. What does he have that I don’t?

  3. BLM says:

    OK, maybe it is because I am 40 years old, but who the hell is Chace Crawford? Personally, I would rather see additional photos of the four girls without that guy — he looks like a spoiled metrosexual.

  4. SB says:

    Nothing, Josh. You’re a dreamboat.

  5. Bethany says:

    BLM: He’s in Gossip Girl. But he’s not the girl. Does that help?

  6. Sarah Eveans says:

    Thanks for the texts, Tim and Zac, to let us know Chace was at the bar. Really. Appreciate ya.

  7. Don says:

    Who is this guy?

  8. BLM says:

    Bethany: Gossip Girl? Is that the show with Hannah Montana, Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Miley Cirrus where they sing in a high school by night but by day live with dads that are all old country western stars who can’t get along with the rich, blonde white girls who own a tanning salon by the beach?

  9. Josh Pearson says:

    SB: ‘preciate cha, pal.

  10. Bethany says:

    Yes, BLM, but it’s in New York.

  11. BLM says:

    Awesome. This show really represents the everyday lives of most Americans — I just hope it never jumps the shark.

  12. publicnewsense says:

    Who is Chace Crawford? Why isn’t it “Chase”? And is this the beginning of the end? Or was Paris Hilton and tire gauges becoming campaign issues the beginning of the end?

  13. Me! says:

    More pictures of Kyle in focus please

  14. John M says:

    I’m not sure Josh, why don’t you post some shirtless pictures and we’ll see.

  15. Louisa Meyer, Dallas ISD parent since 1993 says:

    Who’s Chace indeed. The one to follow is W.T. White grad Johnny Simmons. IJS

  16. Kristin says:

    @ Me!: Sorry about that…we were using my Sony Cybershot without a professional photographer. But, you can click on the picture to enlarge it and see a more close up view of Kyle. Although she’ll probably hate me for saying that.

  17. B says:

    He’s a cutey, but who is he?

  18. Daniel says:

    Internet rumors are rampant that he’s a hermaphrodite.

  19. NC says:

    zac has a knack for quickly spotting celebrities. it’s kind of weird. i’m strangely concerned.

  20. SDM says:

    was one of his “buddies” Ed Westwick? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  21. amandacobra says:

    wow, he’s pretty. i don’t mean that as a compliment. somewhere in an attic, there’s a picture of chaCe aging rapidly. lylas, girlfriend.

  22. MIssing Dots says:

    Who’s the chick in the middle with the beard?

  23. BLM says:

    Missing Dots — that was pure genius.

  24. Sean Avery says:

    I’d hit all of that.

  25. LB says:

    He is dreamy… And those girls are HOT!

  26. elysa says:

    your pretty boy chace was at flying saucer in addison last night where my group of friends forced me to accost him…thank god i had read frontburner yesterday and knew of your incounter at black friar. all very helpful when determining my approach, which by the way consisted of “so i hear you deny being yourself to people at bars in dallas…well guess what, we are persistant and we blog about it so now i need you to come take a picture with my friends”…yea i had been drinking, so what. he laughed and was very polite (his friends were not) and came and took pictures and hungout for a few minutes (in some questionable white converse shoes). i proceeded to fill him in on frontburner, which he was unaware existed but i can guarantee he went home and looked it up! so to sum this ramble up, he was a nice guy, kinda smaller and more fragile than i imagined and i probably would have enjoyed meeting blake lively more. enjoy.

  27. Yo !

    I just heard a cool interview Chace did with Ryan Seacrest. He talks about the new season of Gossip Girl. Peep it:


  28. Ashley says:

    I forgot to mention this before, but a few days after this very post went up, I was on an American Airlines flight to New York City with the very pretty Chace Crawford.

    Truth be told, I wouldn’t have even recognized him had it not been for a gorgeous leather duffel bag he was carrying…

    I noticed it as we were pre-boarding only to see it again in the pages of Cosmo magazine in their “Hot or Not” feature with a picture of Chace carrying the same bag next to a caption on the “hot-ness” of celebrities who carry their own luggage…

  29. Ashley says:

    Oh! And he did pick up his own luggage from the baggage claim.