• John Q

    nice spread, but needs a little heft.

  • Nate

    I’m just curious why Nancy is taking photos of people’s butts.

    Wick, is this going to be a new D Mag feature? Maybe call it “This Butt’s for you” or something.

  • jrp

    man, you’ve really set yourself up here and i don’t really know where to go with this one without sounding too crude, but that’s certainly the posterior of middle-aged white woman, as it closely resembles the build of a 12-year-old boy

    my personal preference is more akin to Brenda and the other young ladies Cool James sang about back in 1989

  • Daniel

    Most of us guys probably agree that the subject needs some fleshing out — I don’t know why women seem to think we like tiny tushes; gay art directors and bitter-lipped old fashion mavens seem to, that much is true — but I’m confused as to why our opinions are being solicited in this particular forum.

  • i saw her on “”

  • Puddin’Tane

    Was I supposed to see something here? A butt? What butt? That thing is as flat as a pancake- and probably why it’s related to food…..

  • El Rey

    Not what I would consider nice at all. Sir Mix-A-Lot said it best. That lady/little boy need some more red beans and rice. IJS

  • c

    What is this? Quit taking pictures of 10 year olds backs.