Adam Angry

I wish I had someone to blame other than myself for not going to see comedian Eddie Izzard on either of the nights he was in Dallas. As Corby recounted on The Ticket, Izzard was to have just one show at the Majestic on Sunday. It sold out quickly. Izzard asked if the Majestic was booked on Monday. It wasn’t, so he added another show, and I missed that one too. He’s one of the best, and I missed the chance to see him live. Twice. Some people were more on top of their games and managed to attend. Harrumph.


  • allison

    I have two tickets to see him at the Majestic in June so rest assured he will be back.

  • allison

    I say that because I will hunt him down if he doesn’t show up.

  • Adam, Uncle Barky was there, too. And Izzard will be back in June.

  • Sean

    Hey, I heard Izzard will be back in June.

  • I missed it too and find this just as annoying as you seem to. Maybe we should tattoo the June dates somewhere so as not to forget next time?

  • Bill Kennedy

    Eddie is BRILLIANT! If you have not watched his old “Dressed to Kill” DVD, then get it. One of his best.

    His June dates actually went on pre-sale before these dates were even announced. We can’t wait.

  • Huh?

    I heard he is coming here in June.

  • yes, mr. izzard will be back the 5th of june, however, i understand his show is sold out already. some of the on-line ticket auctions already look pretty steep.